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  1. BL Coding Launcher crashes with custom module.

    Issue: If I create a Custom Module and put it inside the Modules folder, the launcher will crash. Attempted Solution: Changed the Read-only permission to false for the Custom Module. Result: Did not fix the issue, read-only seems to be reverted regardless of repeated attempts.
  2. Does anyone suffer from high temperatures while playing this game?

    Like, somehow my cpu temp be reaching 60+ on Bannerlord, and I've played other games that deal with large amount of units and actions but my temps don't reach that high. GPU temps also get pretty high despite me playing on very low to try and alleviate it - very low settings looks like dung, how...
  3. Late Game, when I become a mercenary, I become a Vassal instead.

    Is that suppose to be a new feature?
  4. Any land beyond the D'shar Desert?

    I'm talking specifically about that huge desert below Torbah. Is there anything beyond it in the lore?
  5. Alternatives to just using infantry, archers and cavalry groups?

    I'm wondering whether anyone has had any success using custom groups and such to have a finer control over troop placement? I'm not sure whether this belongs to the [email protected] section because it could potentially lead to longer discussions than a simple question would allow...
  6. Those damn quest where you have to capture prisoners...

    So you expect me to capture 6 Ravenstern Ranger with a 23 man army of peasants and if I don't, I lose -1 relations with you? Ok.
  7. Need advises on how to maintain my independence

    I'm currently on day 900, decided to play the slow game and build up my CKO, gather enough relations and such as Sarleon. But that plan backstabbed me, D'shar for some dang reason has a mercenary company with 5000 men on it and the Empire was ready to attack us. The Ravenstern declares war...
  8. Is it possible to change the economy?

    Like is it hardcoded or can I basically revamp the whole system?
  9. Is it possible to lean the camera a bit to the right side?

    Like this... And maybe some minor camera shake to make it not look weird?
  10. New Village?

    Alright, it's either I'm blind or someone in the PoP team decided to mess with the 3.7063 files and include new contents from future releases because I'm sure that there was no village in Prophesy of Pendor called "Clovindarn". My original 3.7063 copy did not have a village called Clovindarn...
  11. A faction idea

    All factions in native and most of the mods are just factions who already established they're powers, they don't seem to evolve at all. So I got an idea for some kind of faction. The faction is weak in the beginning but as days progress, the amount of troops the lords in that faction can hold...
  12. why does this work, but my script doesn't?

    Ok, I made a script that is suppose to count from 1 to 10.... It doesn't work and I even made a trigger for it to run. Doesn't display 0 to 10... But this code from the introduction to the module system works.. Can someone explain to me? They both look similar. Also what are those spiked...
  13. help! generating numbers

    I'm making a script that shows numbers on the world map but I got some weird messages on the compiler... Here's the compiler And here's the code module_trigger module_script What did I do? btw, the rngfactor variable isn't rng.. I just didn't have a name for it
  14. How do I know which character is which in this mission template

    How do I know who the player is? How do I know what any of these individual are? Also, can someone explain to me what these mean?
  15. How does thia party tuple work?

      ("training_ground_1", "Training Field",  icon_training_ground|pf_hide_defenders|pf_is_static|pf_always_visible|pf_label_medium, no_menu, pt_none, fac_neutral,0,ai_bhvr_hold,0,(22.4, 85.8),[], 100), What is that 100 at the end for? Is it the Z coordinate or something?
  16. New Pendor Trade Route

    Does anyone know what the most efficient trade route for the new map is? Also, how do I find out what a city sells best and such?
  17. Noble House of Svargeon

    "Koningur Valdis has outlawed all members of the Noble House of Svargeon. They have been found guilty of consorting with heretics and human sacrifice" This is interesting. Is the Svargeon the unique spawn of Astarea? Other interesting notes.. (EDIT) Town Thugs can be recruited and I saw one...
  18. Arena for 300 days challenge.

    Play with Doge Bot. Full Maximum difficulty with highest possible troops that you can get without hindering performance in a noticeable amount. You have to do arenas for 300 days without exploiting and can only stay in one town. Every time an arena match is over, you have to wait one day before...
  19. Fierdsvain are dominating the map... HELP!?!

    So it's about 500 days into the game. The Fierdsvain have absolute control over the middle portion of the map with some parts extending towards the south (Singal, saidu sharif, shadi, etc) The only two faction that I would considered still at it's height is the D'shar and Ravensterns. The...
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