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  1. Need More Info Some quests are given with a negative day deadline

    I had this. Also with the poacher quest. I had just completed the same quest successfully, the next time I took it was an immediate fail
  2. Need More Info Siege is completely broken

    I've had this happen every time on this map, attacking and defending. The attackers have never spawned with siege weapons, and defenders never make it onto the walls. Both sides just end up clumping at the gate or the defenders in random places in the courtyard.

    Other maps have worked better; troops still get stuck and make weird pathing decisions but it works
  3. [1.0.4] Prisoner conformity bar bugged (?)

    I've noticed anything tier 5+ cannot be recruited. Tier 4 and below eventually can. The conformity bar does not visibly fill up with any prisoners
  4. Need More Info Trade perk breaks equipment color coded tooltip

    This is after taking either of the lvl 25 trade perks The numbers shown in inventory when hovering over an item that are usually green or red if the stat is better or worse than the currently equipped item are no longer color coded. They show up as the default color. I've had this happen on 2...
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