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  1. Drnasty87

    Western empire

    Everytime I become a vassal for the western empire they are always at war with vlandia and battania at the same time and they get ganged up on they deserve a buff probably the hardest faction to play
  2. Drnasty87

    Gonna take a break why?

    I have about 70 hours in bannerlord already and the faction snowballing is dreadful factions get wiped out way to quick and they declare multiple wars knowing they cant win them there is no peace time at all! They overextend and factions start at war on day 1 really it's just constant war and...
  3. Drnasty87

    Battles are to fast

    The battles are way to fast and easy or way to hard there is no in between
  4. Drnasty87

    Troop trees

    Did any of the troop trees change since 2019?
  5. Drnasty87

    Need more blood

    Game needs more blood for a melee medieval game
  6. Drnasty87


    Hopefully there are cheats in EA cause that will be a good way to get back to where you were with your last character if you have to make a new one
  7. Drnasty87


    I wish save games where 100% saved during updates hate starting over but we'll see
  8. Drnasty87

    Release time

    What time will bannerlord release on the 30 at midnight?
  9. Drnasty87

    Nervous about Ea

    We haven't seen any new sp gameplay since gamescom if I'm not mistaken i like to be surprised when games come out and not spoiled i tend to watch very little gameplay but since its releasing in EA it scares me that we haven't seen anything new
  10. Drnasty87

    Anyone with similar specs

    Rtx 2080ti 11gb i7 9700k 16gb ram hows it running for you?
  11. Drnasty87

    Perks and skills

    I saw that there was a rouge perk or skill line wonder what that does will that be focused more on being a bandit?
  12. Drnasty87

    Save game and cheats

    So since we might have to start a new game when a major update comes out in bannerlord EA we should be able to use cheats to get back to where we were so will there even be cheats at all???
  13. Drnasty87

    starting postion and faction/clan color scheme

    will we be able to pick where we start in bannerlord and what will are troops color scheme look like and how will we choose that will it be based of faction choice?
  14. Drnasty87

    Dumb question

    Will there be bandit hideouts and deserters in Ea what's going to be left out of Ea and I cant play warband anymore playing it just makes me sad knowing that bannerlord isnt out yet and the graphics compared to bannerlord wanna make me vomit
  15. Drnasty87

    Bandits and combat ai overhaul

    now that the there was a recent combat ai overhaul I believe bandits and raider are actually going to be a threat early game compared to warbands and what type of bandits and raiders are we expecting to see based of the main factions surrounding areas plus we have minor factions now the early...
  16. Drnasty87

    Cant find patch notes lol

    where are the patch notes for beta
  17. Drnasty87

    Bannerlord release date in march

    I want to take some vacation time in march to play bannerlord I've been saving it all just for bannerlord and I get a day within my birthday month off which is in march hopefully they give us a exact day when it's coming out so I can plan I have to do it 2 weeks before so a release day now would...
  18. Drnasty87

    When in march 2020 will bannerlord be released

    I hate when developers say ok it coming out in march 2020 early access but don't give us a solid date  I plan to take a couple of days off of work to play it so lol
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