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  1. Warband Battle Size Changer v1.5

    What I think is the battlesize changes only file
    c:\Users\User_Name\Documents\Mount&Blade Warband\rgl_config.txt
    battle_size = 0.0000
    The values from there starts from 0.0000 - the left position options_slider to 1.0000 the right position. If you set -0.1000 there it will be converted to its module 0.1000.

    module.ini from module folder doesn't change battlesize but needed for corect options slider left (battle_size_min) and right (battle_size_max) values.

    You can decrease battle size in the mission_templates.txt file with tweaking. Read the example from Tweak_10H.

    Ok thanks man, i will look into this over the weekend.
    Ive even been playing viking conquest without the shield wall function as i got used to using the T key for commands in 'native'.I wish there was a way to 'disable' taunts or... re-map ALL the controls (as opposed to just some).

    have a nice weekend everyone.
  2. Warband Battle Size Changer v1.5

    If you want the value to be lower than 150, why are you not using the in-game options to do so?
    Yes originally i tried to set it to minimum and 150 is lowest it goes... so i installed the warband battle changer mod but that didnt change anything either....
    since then i have spent a long time reading up on tweaks to config and scripts... scripts i rather avoid for now.

    -currently battle size is set to 0.0000 in warband config file.
    -the warband battle size changer is set at lowest it goes, 30, (x5 = 150 in VC), ie showing 150 in VC.
    -in viking conquest module config file i set battle sizes to min 100 and max 105, but no change.
    -changed render size to 512, hoping i get lucky, not much effect.
    -task mgr - warband process changed to high priority.

    might just be my amd laptop or some other incompatability issue.
  3. Warband Battle Size Changer v1.5

    does this battle sizer work for anyone now in 2021?

    ...i cant get it to go lower than 150 myself. the combat stutter is crippling in the thick of battle :sad:

    (viking conquest reforged mind)
  4. Unresolved Combat lag/battle-sizer prob & how to reassign keys?

    "You can flip a global variable in the saved game file, or you can use the VC Balance Mod's optional script to rotate through them."

    or how does one do this?

    thanks in advance
  5. Unresolved Combat lag/battle-sizer prob & how to reassign keys?

    Viking Conquest Reforged, vanilla steam version (presumably the latest one).... couple of probs crippling gameplay for me... 1. battle sizer/changer (in game, and downloaded mod thingy) doesnt seem to work? in notepad it just says 0.0000 - is it possible to go lower than 150? 2. cant...
  6. Hey there, is there a chance i can msg you here or inbox? just having 2 issues with VC reforged...

    Hey there, is there a chance i can msg you here or inbox? just having 2 issues with VC reforged. ...i just replied to something you posted like over a year ago lol.. oops xD
  7. Unresolved Script bugs (tournaments in forts and overwriting of king renown

    Hi mr horse, i have read a fair bit of your balanced mod stuff for Viking Conquest Reforged, nice work, you clearly know your stuff....
    i didnt download it yet but might in near future...i have been playing the vanilla steam version and hoping i could reach out to you? just two i originally thought simple to fix things, yet, now, very game breaking/crippling for me.

    1. battle sizer/changer doesnt seem to work? in notepad it just says 0.0000 - wont go lower than 150?
    2. cant change/force-change keys of the game? just trying to change the traits key as i use this for commands instead of the f keys.

    win10 lenovo laptop, it is shared graphics unfortunately, but 500mb shoudl be enough for smaller battles surely?!
    AMD A12-9700P RADEON R7, 10 COMPUTE CORES 4C+6G 2.50 GHz
    12.0 GB (11.4 GB usable)
    64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

    i play on warband native captain battle a fair bit, so am comparing it to that, and i dont suffer so much on that but still occasionally combat lag similar to above, mind this could also just be server lag (at random times).

    any advice welcomed,
  8. Unresolved Crap FPS on AMD A12, R7, 12gb laptop! ...please help? :(

    ur integrated card got 500mb vram, the other one 4000 mb is shared but its a very slow memory, u need either GPU or lower the settings, thats the only way because ur VRAM is too LOW handle game above some settings, try to mix settings high-very high and disable bodies and lower tree details, but as said ur integrated is too bad.

    Thanks Remi, i didnt think the 500mb vram was a big deal for such an old game like this.. wow this is a reasonably modern machine, A12 AMD, sad that it cant play it... :sad:
    the memory is ddr4 it claims, so how is that slow? 12gb ram i thought is plenty to help the graphics.. sorry if im blurring normal ram and video ram, my tech knowledge has holes in it. hah.

    Any ideas on tweaking it?
    right now im playing with the battle size thing at only 60 or 75troops, and low-medium detail.
    When set to lowest settings, the game looks too ugly.
    Maybe cos its AMD it sucks even more (not optimized for most games, generally, i hear).

  9. Unresolved Crap FPS on AMD A12, R7, 12gb laptop! ...please help? :(

    I'm having some serious FPS issues.... Ive tried several fixes for this and trial error tweaks but its not improving. it seemed ok in the beginning but now when battles of 100+ it just becomes unplayable. Mostly during sieges. *my task manager states memory for M&B process is maxed out at...
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