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  1. Ideas for Improving Immersion of Wanderers and Nobles.

    I just want the wanderer's suffix to disappear after they've been promoted to a lord. It would make them feel like they're *actual* lords now like any other.
  2. What the next patch needs

    Really? Of all the things that could be fixed from a game that's still very obviously bugged, immersion breaking, and suffering from a lack of actual necessary features these are your most immediate concerns for another patch?
    I haven't even used bartering in my 500 hours.
    Ransoms aren't that important in the grand scheme of things since late game, money shouldn't be an issue.
    Icons? I guess it would be nice but that should be on the bottom of the list since traits don't even do much as of the current version.
  3. Need More Info dungeons full

    Yeah all town and castle dungeons are always full for some reason.
  4. Resolved Dead Quest Giver - Lost Companion

    It shouldn't be this way, but I think you can get him back by simply assigning him as governor of a town or castle. I was able to get my companion back after he was caught by an enemy party. I couldn't find him in any of the towns that the encyclopedia said he was last seen at. I managed to get him back with all of his gear intact, because I believe companions loser their gear if you dismiss them.
  5. Resolved Married daughter off to clan member that I promoted into a lord. Had an adult baby together that crashes the game when I try and talk to him.

    Summary: I married my daughter off to a companion of mine that I promoted into a lord. They had one healthy baby but their second was born as an adult. I didn't run in to him until way after that happened, and when I tried talking to him in a tavern, the game crashes. This "child" does not...
  6. Need More Info A lot of small issues with Encyclopedia entries

    Summary: This is as of beta 1.6.4. Not really any game breaking bugs but I've noticed a few issues with the encyclopedia. A few I've seen are: Nobles that are born and don't exist during the start of the sandbox campaign don't show up in the search bar in the encyclopedia. Their encyclopedia...
  7. Constant Warfare in Late Game - Unplayable

    Late game is too grindy and unplayable. AI is constantly at war and there's absolutely no incentive to go and defeat enemy armies because of the way AI calculates peace declarations, the more armies you defeat the longer the war draws out. Defeating multiple armies is also pointless since any...
  8. In Progress Some companions have no skills in unmodded sandbox beta 1.5.9

    Hello, can you please send us a save file so we can further inspect the issue? You can upload the file to http://upload.taleworlds.com:8080/ address. Please paste the link to this thread as description so i can identify it.
    Can do! I uploaded it.
  9. In Progress Some companions have no skills in unmodded sandbox beta 1.5.9

    Summary: I recruited a companion and said companion had absolutely 0 skill in everything and was level 1. None of that companions skills were listed in their encyclopedia page either. I'm not sure if this is how its meant to be for some companions, but this companion has "healer" as an epithet...
  10. Militia Sizes?

    Playing on 1.4 and pretty much every castle contains militias of 1000+ soldiers.
  11. Need More Info Crash at Loading Screen

    update: seems to happen without me switching tabs, will verify game files to see if that fixes anything
  12. Need More Info Crash at Loading Screen

    How to Reproduce: Usually happens in the loading screen before a battle, when I switch tabs with alt+tab Quest/Settlement Name (if related): n/a Media (Screenshots & Video): n/a Version: 1.3 beta Installed community-made modifications: None Computer Specs: OS: windows 10 GPU: amd radeon rx 580...
  13. Sexism in Bannerlord

    There's been enough of a culture change from the earlier M&B releases to now that including a mechanic like that will cause outrage. Just saying.
  14. When is Bannerlord playable?

    Literally, just fix the perks and make them work. Everything else is generally good enough for early access, but perks not working is just frustrating and I am disappointed that they have not fixed it yet.
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