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  1. Tomyslaw_Mstokowiec

    Crashing on Mac

    I'm playing on Steam, with 1257ad installed on my Mac through Winebottler. I had to delete the text files to make the font legible, but now I'm having a lot of trouble with crashes. Seems like it happens every 15 minutes, usually in battle scenes. Is there anything I can do short of buying...
  2. Tomyslaw_Mstokowiec

    Warband Crashes After Configuring - ROUND 2

    I'm still having a problem with my Warband!  :(  I would like to change my graphics to directx9, but whenever I go into 'Configure' and do so, my game crashes after I click 'done.' Even if i go into the 'Configure' tab and do nothing, the game still crashes. I have tried reinstalling several...
  3. Tomyslaw_Mstokowiec


            I hadn't played M&M for a couple of weeks, and today I was talking to my friend about how excited I would be if we got M&M: Austria soon. Imagine my surprise when I check the forums and learn about NW! I just want to say thank you to all the devs, you guys are great and I will be glad to...
  4. Tomyslaw_Mstokowiec

    Unban Request

    Hello, I'm here because I recently tried to join MM_US_BATTLE_MG and found myself banned after having not played for some weeks. •Name under which you were banned: Captain_Moses •Server(s) you are banned from: MM_US_BATTLE_MG •What was happening when you got banned: The only thing that could...
  5. Tomyslaw_Mstokowiec

    Warband Crashes After Configuring/Cannot Change Settings

        Hi, first of all I would like to say thank you to TaleWorlds for the wonderful game! I enjoy the Mount&Blade series a lot, but an ongoing issue, for which I could not find a solution, has become quite the annoyance. You see, whenever I try to change the settings by clicking the 'Configure'...
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