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  1. Resolved Wage limit stays after death of previous character

    I've been informed that this bug is fixed and the fix will be sent to the game with future patches. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
    Thank you for your attention
  2. Resolved Wage limit stays after death of previous character

    unfortunately not
    That's sad. Now I'm playing with 90 troops instead of 220:???:
  3. Resolved Wage limit stays after death of previous character

    Thanks for the update. Forwarding.
    I have the same problem. I send a save file via upload.taleworlds.com
  4. Resolved Wage limit stays after death of previous character

    Summary: When my character died, I started playing as her son that had previously his own party with wage limited to 1k gold. Now when I play as him, whenever my party wage is above 1k gold, troops leave my party. I cannot mark it to unlimited wage anymore since I play as that character.
    How to Reproduce: Make a party with clan owner heir and limit wage, then play as that heir and go above the limited wage.
    Have you used cheats and if so which: Unmodded version of the game
    I have the same problem. Did you fix it?
  5. Mercenary Contract Length?

    Fixed in last patch. Thank you Taleworlds!!
  6. Clans recruit their current faction`s troops.

    They just recruit what's in the pool of the town and city they get it from, but the base culture, so if it's a battanian town, you get battanian recruits, sturgian town, sturgian recruits. Right now there is no way of changing the culture, so if you're deep in sturgian territory, and you need to resupply your numbers, you gotta take the sturgian recruits if you don't want to waste the time going back to whatever home base you have
    Hm, it makes sens. So, it´s all about culture. I don´t know guys, I just prefer to see sturgian troops in all sturgia clans, aserai troops in all aserai clans and etc. It would be more, I don't know, organized? More... realistic? Do you remember what happened in Warband? Lords constantly changing factions and, as a consequence, each faction has had a lot of troops from other factions, more than their own troops...
  7. Clans recruit their current faction`s troops.

    Why not? It would be more logical and realistic. I hope it will be fixed
  8. Mercenary Contract Length?

    This needs to be fixed asap, it's ruining my game.

    I can't rejoin the faction I was a mercenary with before, because I can't get relations above -10.
    i have the same problem bro :sad:
  9. Becoming king of a pre-existing faction in Bannerlord, that would be awesome

    Can I become king of default faction? (Sturgia, Battania, Vlandia and etc.) Or... Can I help to other clan in the kingdom take the throne? That would be pretty cool
  10. Mercenary Contract Length?

    I think it´s a bug. There´s no difference living a faction as vassal or ass mercenary. There´s no "contract" at all. You still get bad reactions of the lords. Lords should be grateful for you mercenary service :razz:
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