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  1. Chop or not chop 1.5.2

    I decapitate everyone these days. What difference does it make? All the lords age out and die, the AI makes one huge kingdom, you can't marry off your family, atm you can't even choose your kid as your heir, when you could choose your kid you couldn't get married so the line ends, the mercs leaders all either get killed or age out and you can't hire them, the AI loves non stop war with you, the Kids all have stats that , well, blow chunks, so yeah, I just play to crush.
  2. Won't let me choose children as heir

    So love the game though some of these features left out Hurt but the problem I'm facing atm is the game won't let me choose my son as heir when I die. He is 22, in my party, low skills to be sure but he is there. Give me an option for Varic, Alda or my wife but not my son. What did I do wrong...
  3. Marrying My Brother Off

    I came here looking for answers to that as well. Or a mod that works and fixes it
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