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  1. how to not lose relation with your vassals?

    I have become the tsar of the muscovites and at the beginning i had good relations with almost everyone but now im -30 with all my vassals and 1 has already betrayed me and joined another faction. How do i keep them happy without doing the tasks for them wich i dont feel like doing? I keep...
  2. Extract character from corrupted save?

    I had a game 500 days long and my save got corrupted, now every time i try to load it the game just crashes. Is there a way to extract my character from that save?
  3. My king is imprisoned!

    The king of sweden is taken prisoner and has been so for 50 days~ and i want to join another faction but i cant ask the king to release me, ive visited him in his prison and the option to ask him to release me isnt there. I dont have the army to siege the city either. What can i do?
  4. is there a swedish storyline?

    im 244days into the game and i am a vassal of the swedish king and own 1 village, i have only found 1 special mission for sweden and that was delivering a horse to the king, after that i havent found anymore. Can i still support sweden and complete another factions storyline?
  5. what to do as mercenary

    im on a completely new playthrough as archer this time and i never played as a mercenary before and i dont know what to do. I dont seem to get any new quests, can someone explain what the purpose is?
  6. Just bought the game through this website

    How long does it take to get it? i just got the confirmation mail so far and getting really impatient to try the multiplayer  :P edit: received it after emailing support  :D
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