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  1. modernassassin

    Post here if you are looking for a regiment or members.

    CluelessWill said:
    The one day I can't get home from school early enough someone applies. Damn  :evil:
    you get all the guys that apply on the forums luckily i got home quick yesterday but i'll leave the EU recruits for ya.
  2. modernassassin

    Post here if you are looking for a regiment or members.

    benskii93 said:
    Hello, I have been playing M&B for ages and I love it, I have been in a regiment a few times and would really like to join a serious British foot regiment.
    Any invites would be great, Thanks  :smile:
  3. modernassassin


    Thundersnow said:
    Got room for a few more regs.
    Thundersnow is their skrim/arty spots left.
  4. modernassassin

    NW Completed 78th Regiment of Foot looking for a linebattle. [Help]

    too answer the point at hand The one we attend one is very popular and gets around 150-200 an event so you could apply its at 8 est on Friday we also have a Tuesday one.
    Come on to our Ts- 7nationarmy.bluefang.net ask any 79th or 3eVolt Officer and we will sign you up.
  5. modernassassin

    NW Completed 1stNOG Saturday Linebattles [NA] (Applications being Accepted)

    Regiment's name: 79th Regiment of Foot "Queen's Own" Cameron Highlanders 
    Leader's steam(Link): 79th 2ndLt Modernassassin http://steamcommunity.com/id/Modernassassin315/      This is mine because i will be handling this event.
    Which Class?(Arty/Skirms/Cav): Arty/Skrims
    Average Attendance:10-20
    Do you agree to follow the rules?:Yes

  6. modernassassin

    Post here if you are looking for a regiment or members.

    ApolloX said:

    I'm looking for a friendly active Cavalry regiment. Due to busy schedules I'll only be available for 3 or 4 hours a week so I'm looking for something laid back but with mature players.
    I'm new to NW, it's only been a few days, although I have almost a year's experience with Warband.
    I'm willing to try Infantry as well, are there Regiments that do both?
    Steam : apollox86
    Steam MSG sent.
  7. modernassassin

    Post here if you are looking for a regiment or members.

    SamTheZamER said:
    Hello to all! the King needs good men to mount their horses and charge head first into the enemies of Great Britain! The 1st Regiment of Royal Cavalry is looking for brave soldiers like yourself to protect England from any enemies she may have to face. This is a Cavalry detachment of major brigade and is just starting out. We have fun but are very mature in linebattles. If you wish to join go to the website listed below. Once there, go to the top and click Recruitment, then scroll down till you see the Cavalry regiment.

                                                                                              Can we count on you to answer the call
    Lol left our regiment to join a 1 man regiment GG!
  8. modernassassin

    Post here if you are looking for a regiment or members.

    Spaceplayer1 said:
    Hello, many of you might already recognize my name.
    IGN: Sir Spacey / Musketstrike
    Steam Name: Sir Spacey

    I have previously been in 3 regiments:
    3eVolt - SCpl
    9teLG/1erTir - Gefreiter or something. 1 rank under Cpl
    2ndGrd - First Lt

    I have recently left the 3eVolt due to my change in fighting style, which is really dependent on holding/chambering, and I find I cant adjust to my new style with 100-125+ ping at all times.

    I am a mature person, and I currently am involved in many school sports, and I am a straight A honor role student. On the gaming community side of things, I know quite a bit of NW people. I also moderate for a huge Garry's Mod community called The Cube. I moderate a total of 10 jailbreak servers for them, and two TTT servers.

    I am looking for a low ping regiment that has their servers hosted in western NA, or at least central, if not northern USA.
    I am also looking for an officer position, if that is possible at all. I would love to have the chance to lead once more.

    In all 3 regiments, I might have been considered as a sniper, because at 125ping average, only thing I could do was snipe. However I have been going on to random 50ping servers to improve my newly found love for chambering.

    Thanks in advance.
    Why spacey i thought you were gonna join us how could you?!?!??!?!
  9. modernassassin

    Post here if you are looking for a regiment or members.

    Yano_Chichelin said:
    I am looking for a laid back but organized regiment.  I'm only able to get online maybe once or twice a week at the most.  I don't really have a preference with with faction or what role I play, I just think it would be fun to be part or a regiment.
    1 event a week is the least amount of events you need to attend in 79th Highlanders and we play a lot more games than just NW.If you would like to join us in our relaxed but professional community add me on steam- http://steamcommunity.com/id/Modernassassin315
    Or come to our TS - 7nationarmy.bluefang.net
  10. modernassassin

    Post here if you are looking for a regiment or members.

    althalus311 said:
    I want thr most awesome experience alright.
    You'll find it here we play a multitude of games, have amazing experiences and and have a diverse community in the Seven Nation army TS.
    You can add me on steam- http://steamcommunity.com/id/Modernassassin315
    Or Come to our TS -7nationarmy.bluefang.net
  11. modernassassin

    Post here if you are looking for a regiment or members.

    LegitSnipez said:
    Hello all, my regiment has recently disbanded, so I am currently looking for a new one. I'm not really looking for a specific type of regiment, just not interested in being artillery really. I have plenty of cav experience as I have been with the Bruhlans since MM and was also their NA Lt for a while. I also have played lots of infantry and I'm alright at it, I'm good at shooting but need practice with melee. Again I'll be up for joining any type of regiments other than artillery. I'm available pretty much every night of the week at all LB times. Thanks for your time in reading this.
    Hello LegitSnipez, the 79th Highlanders would love to have you join our ranks , we have a average of  23 an event and 50 active members. You can contact me on steam ~ 79th SjtMaj Modernassassin or you can PM me for TS info.
  12. modernassassin

    Post here if you are looking for a regiment or members.

    Enlighter said:
    Hello ill be playing M&B Napoleonic wars again starting monday so im looking for a regiment that does line battles.
    Hello, The 79th Highlanders is a NA Regiment with a average of 25 men a event and we do Linebattles, Training, and Tournaments.We Would love to have you as part of our regiment. Please contact me thourgh steam- http://steamcommunity.com/id/Modernassassin315  Or Come to our TS -7nationarmy.bluefang.net
  13. modernassassin

    29th Worcestershire Recruiting! *Celebrating 1 year of existance*

    i was ganna bump this but this is more than well bumped :smile:
  14. modernassassin

    1° Reggimento Bersaglieri [NA/EU] Professional Marksmen. Recruiting 16+

    Good luck awesome thread If you ever need a Vol tell me i'll help out :grin:
  15. modernassassin

    Bug Reporting/Problems

    im having the same problem as that guy black screen after character customization and i did what u said but that din'it work and u the thing game that tells u about factions characters and stuff . that is the only thing that works and if u go to recent messages it says something about invalid troop then some 4 digit # under it says something about a character please help. thx in advance to who ever replys
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