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  1. Celticfury3

    Comprehensive VC guide!

    So Ive decided I want to at least attempt to put together a comprehensive video guide to help people with VC as it is probably one of the richest in game-play experience in the series. So... If there is anything you want covered just drop it dwn below or PM me and Ill throw it in :) Hoping I...
  2. Celticfury3

    Some questions I have

    Alright so Ima make this as short as possible, the format will be a basic and direct question followed by a spoiler with more rambling and info. Obviously if you have an answer dont bother reading more of my jargon than is necessary. 1. Horns, is it possible to aquire one and do they have an...
  3. Celticfury3

    Riding sheep

    I am currently serving a lord of Penwergen, most of his cavalry in battles ride sheep. Is there a fix for this glitch?
  4. Celticfury3


    I hate to continually post questions, however, I did search this one on google and forums. Is it common for the herds of deer to really be in Wolf skin? Is my mod/game a bit messed up? Everyt time I come across a deer herd it is "deer", they act like deer, and are skittish. But they are wolves...
  5. Celticfury3

    So Injuries....

    So how do they work? exactly. I was being dragged around by the King of Connaught and been fighting for him(freelancer) for a while. I sustained a broken leg in battle. I decided to just wait it out. But the bastard brings me in so many battles that I got another injury. WHen I went to see if "I...
  6. Celticfury3

    Editing Issues.. Please help

    I know that this may make some mad, but I am attempting to change to Pictish and Celtic Longswords from being one handed/two handed, to only two handed, or at least the primary being 2h. I want this because I do not like 1h, and having to press X every time is annoying me. It is really not a...
  7. Celticfury3

    Possible to add a weapon?

    I was wondering if it was possible to add a weapon? Like the Bastard sword. Also, is there a weapon editor for this mod? I would like to change the longswords to two handed first, then one handed, I have to press X every battle. Any help is greatly appreciated :)
  8. Celticfury3

    The best infantry?

    So I'm new but I learn fairly quickly, and I am wondering which faction has the best infantry for a shield wall??
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