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    In Progress Regarding a recent crash report

    Summary: My game crashed when I tried to disband Nusun's army and add him to my party. When we were just outside Myzea I took his troops, disbanded his party on the clan screen, and then asked him to join me. The game crashed as soon as I clicked "join me then". The crash ID is...
  2. Quanta

    In Progress The Typo Thread - post typos here as you find them

    This thread is for keeping track of typos and dialog errors in the game. I will edit this post as new typos are reported so the mods/devs have only one place to look in order to find and fix them. Please be as specific as you can regarding where the typos are, what they are, and what you think...
  3. Quanta

    Resolved Instant horse heal exploit

    I discovered this on accident. It works every time I've tried it. Step 1: Have a lame horse in your inventory (I've tried it with warhorses, not sure if it works with others) Step 2: Have soldiers in your party ready for an upgrade that requires you to give them a horse Step 3: On the party...
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