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  1. The Art of Warfare [TAW]

    still looking for new members to fill the ranks! if your interested why not head over to www.taw.net
  2. The Art of Warfare [TAW]

    yeah had some great guys join over the last few days got a good group coming along now! if you want to be apart of this then hit us up at www.taw.net
  3. The Art of Warfare [TAW]

    had some good games this week getting our name out there so why not come and be part of something great!? if you want to find out more head over to www.taw.net
  4. The Art of Warfare [TAW]

    ive been with taw now coming up 2 years and i can definitely say its a really good place to be if you're ever stuck or need help theres always someone willing to help you out! so what are you waiting for? sign up today!
  5. EU_A_PW_RP Town Watch application thread [OPEN]

    Why do you want to be a townguard?
    To protect the commoners and keep the place civil
    On a scale of 1-10 how mature are you?
    it ranges from 8-10
    Are you willing to use a teamspeak channel we have setup for you?
    i wil if needed to but i also use another ts channel which i use with some other people ig killeruk saintstalk and others
    Do you see yourself as an admin in the future?
    i dunno maybe
    What is you're in Game Name?
    How good are you at speaking English? (scale of 1-10) 10
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