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  1. Arkinnian

    Trade Advice

    People have posted their trade routes before, yes, but I have been unable to find anything regarding trade routes in vanilla 1.011. There already exist a few guides, but Google the search function here only turn up trade information for old versions and for mods. If anyone has any trade routes...
  2. Arkinnian

    New way to auto-calc battles

    From what I understand, when a battle occurs without player involvement the game engine simply tallies numbers and bases the outcome off of that. My proposal is this: assign a point value based on which troop types are involved, then apply an outcome based on the virtual troop count. Let's say...
  3. Arkinnian

    Invisible Shields

    I've encountered a problem with the shields that have your heraldic device painted on them. All the heraldic shields are transparent from the front.
  4. Arkinnian


    We've all received those pesky messages: "Party has nothing to eat!" I try to keep up with logistics, but I've forgotten on occasion. So. I suggest that when the sum of all the food items in your inventory reaches 20 or less, then you get a message in red letting you know you need to stop at...
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