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  1. SilverFaith

    A new concept about the look and equipment of armies recruited from conquered settlements

    hi everyone , i know a lot of people dislike the fact that when we recruit from a conquered village or town we recruit troops that look and use the equipment of the enemy I have a concept that might change that behavior and still give you some diversity while maintaining the unified look and...
  2. SilverFaith

    BL Coding noticed that when i try to add a new bow (something that worked in 1.2.1) in 1.3.1 the game crashes

    Trying to add a "new" bow by even copying an existing bow , changing its ID and text and changing the values a bit just for testing , crashes the game Doing the same with a 2H axe a horse some other items does not seem to cause the crash any ideas ?
  3. SilverFaith

    BL Coding 1.3.0 broke my "mod" which is a simple test i did with spitems adding a couple of items

    it worked without any issues right up to the 1.3.0 updated I checked the files and i do not see any difference between the format of the items i made and the ones in game just in case it wasn't clear its just a module with the spitems xml with two new items Does anyone have any idea whats...
  4. SilverFaith

    BL Coding Is there a step by step modding tutorial i missed somewhere ?

    I am looking for the basic behavior of the module system Do i need to overwrite XMLs completely or does the game merge similar XMLs How to get access to the game code / SDK etc
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