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  1. 67th Regiment of Foot

    We are a line infantry regiment for mount and blade Napoleonic wars. To join add ppeede or [67te] Matthew on Steam.
  2. NW Completed 67th Regiment of Foot

    To join add either ppeede or [67th] Matthew on Steam.
  3. 67te Regiment of Foot

    To join add -ZBM- Matthew or Crazedhobo on steam.
  4. NW Completed 1stNOG Saturday Linebattles [NA] (Applications being Accepted)

    Regiment Name: 67th
    Leader's Steam: ppeede
    Amount of Men:5-6
    Special Unit Required?:no, but prefer Black Watch
    You Have Read The Rules and adhere to them?Yes
  5. Zulu Black Men

    Alahuwakba To Join add ppeede or dslewis4 on steam The Alahuwakba's have killed british with there sniper hacks. ALL HAIL ALAHUWAKBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. ~Moscow Guard Regiment~ [Recruiting]

    The Moscow Guards Regiment was a Russian Imperial Guard regiment. They were involved in battles including, Battle of Borodino, Battle of Lutzen, Battle of Bautzen, Battle of Dresden, and the battle of Leipzig. They were also involved in the Polish Campaign, the Russo-Turkish War, and the First...
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