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  1. What is with these quests

    It seems every other quest I do is ridiculously hard. I was told by sargoth's guild master to go and fight deserters attacking travellers I looked around sargoth and asked a good 25 groups of peasants if they have seen anything and nothin. Am I supposed to just keep looking I have 45 days left...
  2. Epsionage in Sargoth

    I recently acquired a quest from king ragnar speaking of a spy in sargoth. He told me to wait for the spy then follow him to the meeting place. I camped out of sargoth for several days waiting and nothing like a spy appeared. Am i missing something? I also had this problem a while ago with a spy...
  3. Horse Archery

    I have never played the khergits before. This is due to people telling me horse archer armies dont work properly. Now Im hungarian so i figured mabye i will try out the whole horse army thing.I would just like to know how are the khergits and are horse archers any good?
  4. Importing

    I keep hearing about importing characters and the like and i would like to try this i just need to know how is it a mod? Is it a regular feature I just need some quick info on this :D
  5. Token swadian weapon?

    I have been looking for a good lance as i like my current sword but i feel like i need something to make a 1 hit ko charge in to take out nobles and the like i have looked in praven and suno but no luck where can i find a greatlance?
  6. Declaration of war?

    I originally started as a vassal of vagiers(sp) then i became a swadian vassal i just renounced my oath and now i want to start my own kingdom and i want to take some land from the rhodoks i am at culmaar castle but i cannot besiege it how can i instigate taking the castle
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