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  1. BL Coding Bannerlord Mods via IronPython?

    After hearing about this test mod, I was wondering if anyone else has done tests in using other programming languages with Bannerlord. The big thing keeping me from trying to mod the game more is that every update breaks mods that use DLL files, and not everyone releases their source code mods...
  2. BL Coding Editing an Existing Mod with DLL?

    As someone who is much more comfortable with interpreted code than compiled code, I'm running into a bit of a snag with trying to edit an existing mod to my liking. What I want to do is overwrite a specific .cs file within a DLL, but otherwise use the DLL as-is. But since DLLs are compiled code...
  3. [BL] Post & Find Mod Ideas

    An idea I recalled recently: I'd like a mod where the player can toggle which way they use ranged weapons. I used a left-eye bow when I tried archery years ago, so I'm consistently having the issue where I go to shoot enemies on the right of me... which is not allowed when mounted because the bow is held in the left hand. It would require new animations and game logic, but being able to toggle bow arm like we can toggle weapon styles would be great.

    An alternate solution would be a mod to flip the animations so that everyone is left-handed. Then, the disallowed direction for mounted archery could simply be flipped as well.
  4. In Progress Crash at the stage 1960/2000+ on Istiana's quest

    I also have this issue, with the added problem that trying to boot the game with the developer console mod will crash the game before I can load my save. I'm fairly certain the conspiracy quest is the cause, probably because it tries to execute something that isn't implemented yet when the meter fills.

    As a side note, in a playthrough before the "all main quests cancel after year 10" bug was fixed, I managed to complete the primary objective of that section of the game before the conspiracy filled or got deleted. (For me, it was defeat the Empire.) All I saw after that was a screen saying that I'd succeeded before the game resumed as usual. I'm not sure if that's because the rest of the story isn't implemented yet, or if the "Weaken/Restore Empire" quest is the big finale to the story.
  5. Need More Info Game crashes repeatedly when the conspiracy quest progress reaches 2000

    Bringing this back because I think I'm in the same situation now. Every time I load my current save, I can only play for about 1 in-game day before the game crashes. No matter what I do or where I go, I can't avoid the crash. Since my conspiracy level is 1960/2000, I have to assume this is a big factor in the crash.

    If there's currently no way to fix the crash itself, is there at least a way to delete the related quests from the log, or else mark them as finished? My last backup save is from a day or so ago, so I'd lose a huge amount of progress if I went back. (And I'd still have the same issue waiting for me, if the conspiracy quest is indeed the thing making me crash...)
  6. [BL] Post & Find Mod Ideas

    While I suppose I could potentially implement some of my mod ideas (having been able to get a few mods of my own running already), I'm not the biggest fan of the way Bannerlord uses compiled code rather than something more human-readable. So until I decide whether or not I'm going to try to implement these ideas myself, I'll put them here for others to consider.

    Wanderer Relation Expansion
    The key component of these ideas is to expand the use of the relation meter for companions (specifically the randomly-generated wanderers). Right now, I'm seeing them at -2 to 2 relation based on traits and culture, but this never really seems to change. So here are the ideas:
    • Relation gained with party companions when renown is gained. The easiest of the ideas, if you stick to battle victory renown. My idea would be that 10% of renown is converted to relation to active party members. (1000 renown to go from 0 to 100 relation.)
    • The ability to marry companions and/or make them vassals in a player-run kingdom. This would be where the use of relation would come in, since a companion would have to like you before they married you. And if they were made a vassal, then they would move into whatever is programmed for lord relations.
    • (Vague) Relation loss when performing actions that clash with the traits of a companion. (So a brave and cruel companion would hate retreat, an honorable or merciful companion would hate raiding, etc.)
    • If relation dips too low, a companion will ask to leave. A barter or persuasion has to be used to reset them to a moderate relation, otherwise they leave the party and clan.
    • Sort of pushing into vassal relations, it would be interesting if vassals with very low relation could rebel or ask to break away from the kingdom. It would require barter, persuasion, or a battle to bring them back in line.
    Ultimately, I feel like the relation meter is underused in the current game. Aside from mass executions, it can take forever to even find a way to change relations with characters. Having more ways to get on peoples' good and bad sides could add more depth to the game.
  7. Resolved Game Launcher won't Open

    Edit thread, prefix it with solved instead of unsolved
    I looked at that, but it won't let me use any prefix other than "Unsolved". Even when I try to type in "Solved" manually, it autocorrects it to "Unsolved".

    ...This became a different kind of bug report.
  8. Resolved Game Launcher won't Open

    Okay, I figured out what went wrong. While trying to get my personal mod to stop crashing on startup, I apparently removed a line (that I was told was optional) that is required for the launcher. For whatever reason, the launcher will close without any error message if the SubModule.xml is too broken to read.

    So, as Endo said, the solution here is to remove all non-standard modules and add them back one-by-one to see which one was busted.

    (I still have issues where my mod crashes the game on startup, but at least the launcher works again.)

    Edit: How do I mark this thread as "Solved"?
  9. Resolved Game Launcher won't Open

    Update: I've tried re-downloading the launcher and fully uninstalling and re-installing the game, neither of which worked to fix the issue.
  10. Resolved Game Launcher won't Open

    I couldn't find any other reports related to this, so I decided to ask it myself... Lately, the game won't even open for me. When I or Steam opens the "TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.Launcher.exe" file, the icon appears briefly in my taskbar before disappearing. The weird thing is, the first time it...
  11. BL Other Trouble loading game after creating a module with nothing in

    I'm having a similar issue where I can't get my own mods to work, but others' mods work great. I'd like to know the answer to this...

    As for the XML code, do you have a DLL named "MySubModule.dll"? If you don't, you should remove the related lines. From what I've seen, the syntax might be:

  12. BL Coding Custom Mod Always Crashes

    I'm really starting to lose patience with trying to figure out the SubModule system for personal mods lately, since no matter what I do I can't get the game to load the mod without crashing. I've been able to get mods from others to work just fine, but mine refuses to work no matter how similar...
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