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  1. Should new clans spawn in the game when death is enabled?

    You make a fair point against this. I wonder how it could be implemented as to not make the player feel like their actions don't matter.
    New clans could always start at low tier, so if you manage to kill off a few high tier clans from a kingdom, you may feel a sense of progress. But then again, as @Tryvenyal pointed out, high tier clans can be weak as well if they only have one or a few clan members left.

    I guess my main point is that if we have death and dynasty, there needs to be some form of replenishment, otherwise a long game may end undramatically through clans just disappearing.

    New clans won’t appear for a kingdom if they do not have the fiefs to hand to them. So if you’re crushing a kingdom and they’re losing fiefs, new clans won’t appear because the remaining clans will have probably only have 1 each.
  2. Should new clans spawn in the game when death is enabled?

    It increases as they do stuff, I think they gain renown with same mechanics as player clan (not 100% sure). They have a starting level but by late game more are high tier. Wanderer clans made by the player level up too.

    Thanks, so if that's the case, a newly generated clan still represents a loss to the kingdom if the clan eliminated was higher than tier 3.
  3. Should new clans spawn in the game when death is enabled?

    Does anyone know if AI clans have a static level or does it increase with time?
  4. Should new clans spawn in the game when death is enabled?

    Yes I think they should be able to spawn new clans if they meet certain conditions: 1) one or more clan has died out in the kingdom and 2) they have additional fiefs to give to said new clan.

    The birth system is just too slow to be impactful in generating new nobles and rebel clans rarely join a kingdom. They need something to balance out the high rate of death of nobles.
  5. High death counts makes me lose heart

    If a country is constantly at war, and losing engagements, they should have losses instead of this eternal war of suicidal immortals who re-spawn immediately with 20 units including elites.

    And this about time when kings and rebel leaders died of complications (Zizka), or ass wounds, or good old ****s.

    The flat % on simulated losses is an issue, but I'd think more for elite units than for nobles. Silly deaths are likewise an issue, but more for infantry mobs spawning around cavalry that ostensibly has enemy cut-off from reinforcements.

    Getting attached to NPCs is hopefully not something devs put as priority.
    Attrition in wars can easily be from capturing the nobles, so they don’t respawn. Reduce chance to escape instead of every noble being Houdini.
  6. High death counts makes me lose heart

    LOL, maybe they get that right in another six months, I am on the edge of my seat....
    Agreed, It’s taken a while. Death rates have been a major factor in my willingness to test out the game. It sucks when you look around the map and see a number of the clans dying out knowing they won’t be replaced. Hopefully it get adjusted sooner than later.
  7. High death counts makes me lose heart

    They tested this for over a year and it is too high lol.... Perhaps another year of testing and they will get it right....

    That’s not exactly accurate. They used a higher rate of death 5/10%? for over a year and refused to change it because they were working out a bug that occurred with noble deaths. Not the same as experimenting with death rates, which they only recently lowered to 2%/ enabled for npc vs npc battles.
  8. High death counts makes me lose heart

    2% is still too high, with the number of battles going on constantly across the map and no way to generate new nobles outside of the player-side promotion system (and rebel clans which rarely do anything and seem to have a much higher death rate than traditional clans). I'm optimistic this signals implementation of a similar system for NPC kingdoms.

    The death rate has to be counteracted with new noble generation, the birth system is too slow for this. If the number of nobles killed in a faction exceeds a threshold, allow NPC kingdoms a chance to recruit a new clan.
  9. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.4

    How does marriage work between companion clans and the player clan? Like, is it possible? If the player wants to marry the new companion-lord, does the fief revert back to the player? If a family member marries the new companion-lord, who switches to whose clan?

    If marriage is an option I’d assume they would join player clan and the remaining clan members will continue operating in the companion clan

    I hope they add this feature for NPC kingdoms. It would go a long way in counteracting the dying off of clans in unlucky kingdoms.

    I.e If a kingdom has excess fiefs and had clans die off they could generate new ones the same way a player can. Could even set a maximum of clans per kingdom to prevent over population.
  10. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.4

    • A system that approximates local superiority has now been implemented.
      • This helps AI agents to distinguish a nearby lone enemy that they can kill from a group of enemies. They can then choose to fight or move towards their assigned tactical position in hopes of better odds.
      • A minor random element was also introduced that slightly influences decision scores.
    What I understand is that now enemies will not cross each other without fighting just because they were ordered to go to a specific position.
    We see that during siege for exemple, when you are alone on the wall and a group of enemy just pass aside you just like if you were not existing.
    Now they will evaluate the odds and attack you (or any other lone ennemy).
    Though I may be wrong and also I'm wondering about about the "minor random element"...

    I think they’re addressing the issue of entire formations Bee-lining to a random strangler that got in close proximity when told to attack rather than the enemy unit.
  11. Why don't my family members fight in tournaments any more?

    In my last playthrough 1.6.3, my wife was governor of my settlement and was a beast in the tournaments. I would get notifications about her winning every week or so.
  12. So what's the plan, exactly?

    Patents are invalidated by prior art. That is to say, if someone already dud it before the patent holder thought of it.

    The Dragonborn expansion for Skyrim, featuring Solathiem island, had the Dragonborn opposed by the Dragon Priest Marduk, sending out Dragon cultists to kill the main character.

    Also, in the base game of Skyrim, the Dragon/God Alduin resurrects dragons and sends them to attack the main character at frequent random intervals throughout the main campaign.

    Prior art. Patent is invalid because it should never have been granted.
    That is a method used for defeating a patent infringement case, that's a question for a federal judge to decide.

    There is an easier way, if I wanted to avoid costly litigation. If I were challenging the claims and looking to build a system around it, I would include in the system NPCs that can help the player or another feature that isn't expressly described in the claim, because in the independent claim it states: "...the second non-player character is controlled by the processor to respond to and automatically oppose avatars based on the second character parameters..."
  13. So what's the plan, exactly?

    Doubt its enforceable. Only if you plagiarized their code for it - any game is allowed to have enemy AI that plots against the Player. Its like Super Mario laying down a Patent on "Jumping"
    I dunno dude they have a pretty well written claim:

    "1. A method comprising:
    controlling, by a processor, game events in a computer-implemented game, the game events involving an avatar that is operated in response to input from a player, and a first non-player character that is controlled by the processor to respond to and automatically oppose avatars based on first character parameters defined in a computer memory;

    detecting, by the processor, occurrence of a predefined one of the game events involving an interaction between the avatar and the first non-player character;

    changing, by the processor, second character parameters defined in at least one of the computer memory or a second computer memory for control of a second non-player character in the game based on the detecting, wherein the second non-player character is controlled by the processor to respond to and automatically oppose avatars based on the second character parameters defined in the at least one of the computer memory or the second computer memory; and

    outputting, to an output device, an indication of the second character parameters that are changed by the changing."

    So much so that many industry people are really kind of nervous about how many scenarios it can be applied to. How it is coded really has nothing to do with infringing, as long as it has the same effect.
  14. So what's the plan, exactly?

    Agree on most points, I just wanted to point out that unfortunately the "Nemesis" system is patented by Warner Brothers. I would like to see better interactions with the world.
  15. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.3

    They already produce offspring like rabbits... Feels like only my character follows the golden rule "Safety first", so I have only 3 daughters, others have more than 6 children... Also, rebel clans become part of the Kingdom as well, what's that if not a replacement for the killed ones? Looks like I'm missing something, but I sincerely cannot understand the point of adding another replenishment system - what do we have a death then for? You kill one - and the system creates another jumped out lord our of nowhere?

    I think implementing an optional quest or even a toggle for adding spontaneous new clan members to beat up clans would be a great feature. Allows people to play they want to play. Don't like that clan thats constantly raiding your settlements? let them die. Have a clan you want to keep around? help them out.
  16. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.3

    At 2% the casualties are still a little high, in my campaign lords are dying well above the stated goal of 5-10 deaths per year. I think reducing NPC simulated battle deaths to 1% or even lower would be appropriate just from the quantity of battles that occur on the map. I have yet to kill anyone in battle, so I think increasing the Player battle deaths to 3-5% would help.

    On a side note, are children ever intended to do anything in this game? I have not had them meaningfully impact my game as newborns are still too young by the "end game" to do anything useful. Has this issue been discussed by the devs?
  17. It's been months - Why is death in battle STILL only enabled in player battles? It ultimately ruins every playthrough.

    Completely agree, this is the singular issue preventing me from firing up a new campaign. Realizing my play through was ultimately doomed due to lord extinction, really killed my motivation to continue. I hope it gets adjusted soon.
  18. Dead minor factions get replacement nobles.

    I understood form this post that it's still a pending task :

    I still can't wrap my head around the fact that they don't have a separate branch for internal testings like these, this could.. well for starters allievate the fact that we have to destroy our playthrough for months now. I guess that's the purpose of the EA afterall, mass testings ... :grin:
    Bummer. Thanks for the info, I only hop on the forums every couple weeks and I have a hard time finding what’s been fixed or not.

    EA has been a blast but I end up running into bugs or broken systems that kill my enjoyment which prematurely ends my campaigns. But it’s nice to come back and see what’s been fixed or added.
  19. Dead minor factions get replacement nobles.

    I believe this is a patchwork because of how poor Death in Battle is implemented.
    So in the end since they can't know if it's the result of a choice from the player or just a random death on a battle, they made every factions respawn at a certain point.
    I'm not quite sure if it's really working tho since I've seen a lot of clans dying in my very long playthrough, to the point that I'm affraid some factions are becoming weaker just by the fact that I encounter them a lot.

    Making them stay dead is in my opinion as bad, because you can't tackle the problem that players could kill them without wanting it.
    Are they dead because you executed them ?
    So the death rates are still absurdly high? I was hoping those would be adjusted by now. It sucked the fun out of my last play though and am waiting until it’s more manageable
  20. Macro Overall Feeling: The Game Lacks of Vitality

    I would love if Bannerlord borrowed some from Kingdom Come to add more immersion. Some aspects are obviously outside the scope of the game, but I suspect some things would be easy to implement to flesh out the world. Such as unique and memorable NPCs that offer more interaction than the current seemingly unfinished greetings and conversations.
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