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  1. Resolved [e1.2.1.227732][Minor Bug] Large bag of barbed arrows

    Above listed item doesn't actually contain any more arrows than a regular quiver, all stats are same bar 2, the weight and value. Image attached below
  2. Need More Info Just posting a few bugs I found, don't really need them solved right away but wasn't really sure where else you wanted bugs posted.

    I also have a bug to report and.. not sure where it should go, so figure I'll throw it in here.
    When entering a village, I decided to do the immersive "ask a villager for the way to npc" thing.
    Villager was strolling along, as slow as possible, decided "naa, I'll just use the interface", ran to NPC, started quest dialogue.
    Villager turns up mid-convo, starts sitting under the convo I'm already having, and then the game hung when I got challenged to a duel (natch)

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