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  1. Resolved game crashes e1.4.3 (on version 1.4.2 everything works)

    My game started working once i disabled all the mods and verified the files. Even my modded save games(without the mods enabled) are working now.
  2. Resolved Missing Characters in 1.4.3 Beta

    @Lord Mannerheim Does the Encyclopedia show that they are in a a town/castle and when you go there, they are no where to be found and the encyclopedia doesn't changes? I am also having this problem and its not limited to one faction. Also this issue happened to be before the beta update, several times but it was with wanderers and they would usually move after a while and that would fix it, but the lord isn't showing up even after a year.
  3. Resolved There's an issue with the Lord Wants X Captured on 1.4.3 Beta

    I can confirm this issue. I have taken the quest to capture a Lord and when ever i fight and catch the lord he says the lines he did before the battle and then leaves. The option to capture doesn't show up.
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