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  1. RubbingMyAxe

    In Progress Really loud cav sounds on Siege.

    Was just playing siege, and in the middle of the match suddenly many people on the server started hearing really loud cav galloping sounds. It happened a few times during the match for me. I recorded a short clip one of the times it happened. There were no horses around, yet it was the loudest...
  2. RubbingMyAxe

    In Progress Skala Landing - Glitchy spot abused by archers.

    Was just playing Skala Landing on Siege and there was an archer who kept abusing this spot throughout the match. It is blocked by an invisible barrier, so you can't reach the archer to kill them with melee weapons. Archers in that spot can shoot through the invisible barrier into the spawn...
  3. RubbingMyAxe

    NA Native Siege Open GK's NA Native Siege Events

    GK has been hosting Friday siege events on our Native US_GK_TDM server for several years, but we've recently expanded them by two more days. Now you can get your siege fix on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday at 9pm Eastern! We play a mix of native maps as well as custom maps with NeoGK features...
  4. RubbingMyAxe

    Resolved Skala Landings - Weird spot on ramp.

    I was fighting on this ramp during warm-up and the weird behavior caused me to die. Made a short clip of what is happening, it's like there is an invisible gap between the two ramp pieces:
  5. RubbingMyAxe

    In Progress Fen Altai - Indestructible Bridge and Breach

    Both of these incidents happened on the new custom EU Siege server. Yesterday, I was trying to destroy the bridge above the wall breach, and it wouldn't take damage from catapult shots: I reported that on discord and a dev said he was looking at it. Today, I was playing the same map and the...
  6. RubbingMyAxe

    Resolved Kill notification when enemy is not killed after hitting them with fire pot.

    Summary: I hit someone with a fire pot and it said that they died, but they were still alive. This happened twice in the same warm-up period for Siege. First time might have been with the boulder, but second time was with the fire pot. I took a screenshot of the second time it happened...
  7. RubbingMyAxe

    Native Script Modification Issue

    I'm trying to modify one of the native scripts for an event server. The goal is to make it so that only certain players can use custom banners when the "Allow Individual Banners" setting is turned off. Here is my code, my modifications are between the #RubbingEdit comments:  ...
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