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  1. Run time error

    Had a 3 run time errors and CTD in the arena in Rane. Is the arena in this city bugged or is it a issue with the mod or my settings?
  2. Troop font size

    The font size on the troops are so small is hardly readable when there are many diffrent units in an army. This was not the case on earlier versions. How can I make it more readable?
  3. Can you play this mod?

    Is this mod in a stable enough state to play it now? The mention of this "great bug" have put me of playing it.
  4. Strange Fonts

    Im not sure why the fonts and graphics seem a bit "off" when I play the mod. All other mods seem normal. Also youtube videos of the mod seems fine. Just bought a new computer so its probably a setting i have overlooked or something. Maybe resolution? The text is sometimes hard to read when there...
  5. Couple of questions

    I really like the potential of this mod and want to try a serious campaign. But before I do. 1) Is this mod balanced and stable enough without serious bugs as of beta patch 4 to have a great mid to late game? 2) Heard rumours of it was possible to ride dinosours in this mod? Is there fanatasy...
  6. Units not responding to orders

    I have a problem that my units will not respond to orders on the battle map. Only when i maually use the keyboard keys. What to do?
  7. Terrible graphic glitches

    I get terrible graphic glitches of the mediterranean in the mod. Some places its only "black spots", in other the sea turns into a reflection of the sky. It hurts the immersion alot to the point I stopped playing the mod. Anyway, great work on the mod!
  8. Annoying sound moving around on the main map

    Just as in Floris this mod makes a terrible metal sound "clinging" when moving around on the main map. I wanted to try out this mod but I cant listen to the sound anymore. All other mods are fine on the main map when moving around. Anyone have a solution? Thanks Bennio
  9. Annoying metal sound when riding a horse

    This mod seem awesome but I cant get myself to enjoy it due to a very annoying metal sound my horse makes during moving on the battlemap. Mostly when it moves fast. I have had this problem before on other mods, but then on the main map when moving around on the map. It is not a problem on other...
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