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  1. Hertog Jan

    Bugs reporting thread

    Cool, looking forward to it :smile:

    Nice idea of the hoplite armor. Do any of the troops use them? If not, then it would be good like it is. The player can decide for them self if he wants to be immortal

    About the native stuff, for example one of the items i was thinking of was:
  2. Hertog Jan

    Bugs reporting thread

    Hey! Nice mod :smile: Really enjoy playing it.

    Some bugs i encountered:
    (All) Akinakes and Persian Cavalry swords stats dont match their models. They are really small but have a length of 97
    Here compared with a axe with 71 reach :smile:

    Many shields of different sizes are size 100

    The hoplite armor goes over other body armors.

    Light brown 'Leather boots' model is to big i think

    And last one, all 'thorax' armors (so not the linothorax) have to short arms  and flooting hands. Such a shame because i love how they look!

    Hope this helps and keep up the good work!

    PS About the lack of armor for woman bodies, i know you are looking in to it, but maybe you could use some of the leather and pelt stuff from native. Just like you did with the sarranid padded armor, i like that one :smile:
  3. Hertog Jan

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    aekilju said:
    Eh, there's this one too.

    Is that a Hobbit?
  4. Hertog Jan

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    Jason L. said:
    Carrying 5 apples can't be the same as carrying 5 cucumbers. I don't know why someone can think otherwise...It is more realistic to put a restriction on how many 2 handed weapons one can carry than to consider that a dagger takes the same space as a two handed weapon.... My suggestions :
    A) 1) One two handed weapon or polearm and only
        2)One regular sword or one handed axe or mace.
        3) One bow or crossbow with ammunition
        4)One shield
      5)One short sword or Dagger or knife .
    It is the standard arms recommended for the Byzantine soldier of both infantry or cavalry by Emperor Leo 6th the Wise in his "Stratigikon"
    B) Alternative: Give 5 slots and make two handed weapon occupy two of them.....   
    C) Make available two inventories , one for small objects and one for bigger ones with four slots either one.
    I like your idea on the restrictions on the slots, so certain combinations will not be possible depending on the sheating position. So when you are carrying a large bag with javelins, you can't also have a 2h-er on your back.

    I'd like to see this combined with unsheatable weapons like cRPG has. For example lances or large pikes. You will start equipped with them but when you change weapon, you drop it on the ground instead of sheating it.

    And I'd also like to see two slots on horses for some weapons and shields. So no slot for a lance, but for some extra arrow, a mace or a shield etc.
  5. Hertog Jan

    Patch Previews + Newsblogs - 0.6

    Hmm Brytenwalda. Not a big fan of tripping, shield bash, horse speed scaling and burying the dead. Well at least most of those features  are optional.
  6. Hertog Jan

    Congrats on the subboard!

    Good luck!!  :D
  7. Hertog Jan

    SP Medieval [WB] AD 1200 (1.600) from 09.02.2018

    Yeah. My laptop took about 15 - 20 min to load first play. After that normal loading time.
  8. Hertog Jan

    SP Medieval [WB] AD 1200 (1.600) from 09.02.2018

    It takes some time before it starts.

    @Galin Eldar
    Love what you did to the taverns!
  9. Hertog Jan

    [WB][S]Bellum Imperii

    Nice idea btw to split some of the factions. I want to play with the Frisii  :cool:
  10. Hertog Jan

    [WB][S]Bellum Imperii

    Illyruim = Illyricum

    Did you use this map as reference?

    Then its still Illyriu:razz:
  11. Hertog Jan

    SP Antiquity [WB] Roman Imperial

    Huh? You want the Roman Kingdom as your timeframe? But the troop tree you posted doesnt really match. You even have praetorians as troops.
  12. Hertog Jan

    SP Medieval Hispania 1200 (RELEASED)

    This looks awesome. Great scenes. I like the blunt end of the training spears in the jousting screen, nice detail.
  13. Hertog Jan

    B Medieval [WB] Crusader - Way to expiation

    gloops said:
    Prince of Thieves is pants. Kevin Costner produces the worst attempt at an English accent since **** Van Dyke's cockney, in fact he doesn't even attempt one. His awfulness can't even be surpassed by Russell Crow's Irish- Liverpudlian Robin Hood. The best version of the Robin Hood legend is the 80s TV show Robin of Sherwood.
    Yeah, Robin of Sherwood is great. Loved that show as a kid.
  14. Hertog Jan

    SP Medieval Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A World of Ice and Fire (v8.0 released 18/1/22)

    Khamukkamu said:
    I don't know if that would be possible in M&B though, to have mercenary "lords" that follow you around.
    I think it is in 1257AD that you can raise an extra army in your custom village. It follows you around for a certain time. So it should be possible.
  15. Hertog Jan

    Quick Questions/Quick Answers (Unofficial 'Ask Questions Here' Q&A Thread)

    Windyplains said:
    Anonemuss said:
    No matter what I set the arena as in a town, whenever I enter it it's always an open field with everyone spawning right next to each other. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to fix this?
    Is this a new save in the current version (2.55) or did you carry a 2.54 game over into 2.55?  This is assuming you're using 2.55 anyway.

    Did you alter your scene files in any way?

    Have you altered the source files on your own?  (Possibly overwritten the values stored so that the tournament system knows which scenes go to which towns).
    I've the same. I'm playing a new 2.55 Floris gameplay instal. I only get the open field when i enter the arena, not in tournaments. Since i only enter the arena when asking for next tournament locations, its not really bugging me. Just thought i'd let you know.

    Dolen said:
    Hi all.

    When a companion auto-sells what's in his inventory, is the selling price based on his trade skill, not player's?
    Trade is party skill, so i guess it just uses the highest available. Not sure though.
  16. Hertog Jan

    SP Medieval Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A World of Ice and Fire (v8.0 released 18/1/22)

    Oww i must have been blinded by rage then, because i did look there.  :oops:

    But thx, will check again!  :razz:
  17. Hertog Jan

    SP Medieval Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A World of Ice and Fire (v8.0 released 18/1/22)

    How do i deactivate tripping when walking backwards. Its making me insane.  :mad:
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