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  1. Jinto777

    Where are the castle ladies?

    Hello, Did you guys find and lady in a castle? I couldnt find any. I just find them in towns Even when i ask a lord about a lady, i couldnt. They say "Lady Derpina is in Din Byrch" but when i get there i only find guards, a bishop e sometimes her brother, lord of the castle. And he too confirm...
  2. Jinto777

    Can't start the game after the hotfix released in 26/12/14

    Here is the log
  3. Jinto777

    Jarl Halfdan, King of Northhymbre

    I received a letter from Jarl Halfdan asking me to become his vassal and i accepted. Then, they told me to find him in Bal Luighne, but i couldn't find him anywhere near Bal Luighne. When asked where is him, his vassals always say that he is travelling to Edynburh and is close to Bal Luighne...
  4. Jinto777

    Battle Size Limit

    Hello, There is some way to limit the quantity of warriors in a battle? I noticed that unlikely the Native, the battles can occur among hundreds of people at once (400+) and my PC definitely cannot support that. Regards Crow
  5. Jinto777

    About Sailors, Boats and Loot

    Hi there, What exactly the sailors do in this DLC? I have four in my snekka and didn't notice any difference. Is it possibly to store loot somehow in the boat so your inventory may be empty before you go raid another village? Regards Crow
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