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  1. Maelubiyet

    WB Other Crash when leaving a scene/Pressing Tab

    Title. This doesn't happen all the time but sometimes the game crashes when changing or leaving a scene or pressing tab. Disabling load textures on demand helps. What might be the problem? Edit: This only happens when playing my mod.
  2. Maelubiyet

    Ability to choose which companion follows you into town / Companion relations

    At the moment it's the first companion you hired/the one who's been in your party the longest. It'd be better if it was the first companion on the party list. Also I couldn't find a way to increase companion relations, an option to give them gifts or some other way to increase relations with...
  3. Maelubiyet

    Soldiers cheering after hideout duel

    When you duel with the leader of the bandits in a hideout and defeat him, it'd be great if your men cheered.
  4. Maelubiyet

    Practice Fights and Tournaments are little bit too bloody

    I guess it's kinda cool in tournaments but in practice fights blood feels too excessive. Fighting with blunt weapons of course may result in bleeding but not in the same extent as an actual battle.
  5. Maelubiyet

    Keeping your weapons in a Lord's hall

    You get to keep your weapons in a Lord's hall even if you just met him. Feels an unlikely practice for the era. Maybe it was overlooked?
  6. Maelubiyet

    SP Fantasy Legacy of the Dragon (v1.13 released. Original Soundtrack, All Races Playable - High Fantasy)

    Legacy of the Dragon is a high fantasy mod for Mount&Blade: Warband which entirely revamps the map and the lore of the base game. The mod features a classical high fantasy setting with elves, dwarves, dragons, orcs, goblins, giants, wizards and so on. Legacy of the Dragon inherits most of the...
  7. Maelubiyet

    Freeman: Guerilla Warfare

    I stumbled upon this game yesterday when I was complaining how "no one imitates Mount & Blade's overworld map system". It is a basically a first person shooter with RPG elements, overworld map movement and ability to lead your own faction, recruit troops. It's still early access, but it has a...
  8. Maelubiyet

    Weird Sea Textures

    So, after today's update weird shapes looking like cattle started appearing on the sea in my game. Here's a screenshot, I redownloaded/reinstalled the game to make sure my textures folder is not corrupt. It reverts back to normal when I delete "TexturesHD" folder but I like my HD textures. The...
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