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  1. Kiyakkoray

    BL Coding Port to .NET Core

    Actually most of our DLL files are targeting .NET Standard 2.0. In fact, we are using .NET Core on our server systems(which shares lots of dll files with client itself). So there is nothing stops us from using .NET Core on clients as well. We'll discuss it internally.

    Thank you...
  2. Kiyakkoray

    SP Sci-Fi 2020 is just the beginning

    Summary Well, as developers at TaleWorlds Entertainment, we wanted to make a internal game jam. And the topic of jam was "The world ends in 2 minutes". As a programmer I wanted to make the game by modding the Bannerlord(Thanks to my fellow artist, he accepted modding the game). And here is the...
  3. Kiyakkoray

    Oceanic Matchmaking

    It is quite possible if we can reach a decent player count in the future. But for now, we have decided to open Custom Sieges in Oceania so you can enjoy it with lesser latency.

    Have fun :smile:
  4. Kiyakkoray

    Dev Blog 21/11/19

    usnavy30 said:
    It's different but not necessarily in a bad way. One thing I noticed to mention, I clicked on the 'Discover' button on the homepage for Bannerlord, and it leads to a 404 page because the URL it leads to has an extra /en/ in the URL itself.


    If you delete the extra "en/" part, it leads to the correct page.


    Other than that, it's a nice face lift and as said, more modern looking. I think this UI style is easy to adapt to.

    It was a bug we fixed before launch. Have you tried to delete your browser cache?
  5. Kiyakkoray

    Dev Blog 07/12/17

    krafttomten said:
    I made beautiful picture. Noobs cannot share pictures.

    Koray looks like "A character from one of the first multiplayer tests"

  6. Kiyakkoray

    Dev Blog 10/08/17

    Mistaken Identity said:
    Dear Taleworlds,
    I created an account to ask this question so please answer :grin:.
    Who is that absolute legend in the chainmail?

    That's me
  7. Kiyakkoray

    Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord - Tartışma Konusu

    Sgt.Frost said:
    spurklez said:
    şu ofise bi uğrama imkanım olsa ah ahh

    Döner bıçaklarıyla dalalım abi (!)

  8. Kiyakkoray

    Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord | Developer Blog 10!

    frozenpainter said:
    Klai said:
    Dev.ler konuya bakıyorlar ama boş bakıyorlar sanırım :/
    Trenin ineğe baktığı gibi mi?  :iamamoron:

    sanki inek trene bakıyor normalde.
  9. Kiyakkoray

    Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord | Developer Blog 10!

    Propaganda said:
    zırhlı kişi kim acaba ?

    benim :wink:
  10. Kiyakkoray

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    Leifr Eiríksson said:
    Why are so many people looking at this thread? Did I miss some important news? Has Lust gone nuts for a cup of English tea in Turkey? Did Ragnor shave his legs? Is Armagan still reclining in his chair wearing only underpants?

    his legs are hairy as ever
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