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  1. Azhael

    Siege defenders need some love

    I'm starting this thread because I believe defenders in sieges should have more noticable advantages. Mainly, to make it so that fewer men are required to successfully defend a castle. As of now the amount of troops can have a ratio of 1:1 and attackers still win in many cases. I think a 3:1...
  2. Azhael

    Crosshair design too modern

    I can't be the only one that finds that the crosshair design doesn't fit in at all. It looks too modern considering the medieval setting the game is set in. I think Warband's aiming reticle worked just fine and it has a beautiful design. I wouldn't care if the same, or a similar one, was used...
  3. Azhael

    Strange faction relation decrease

    I'm running my own kingdom and doing quite good with around 5 towns and many castles but there is something that annoys me and I don't understand why it happens. Sometimes my relation with a kingdom that is at 0 (we are at peace) without any advice drops a few points making our kingdoms go to...
  4. Azhael

    Chatting with guards in your castle/town

    I have a question. When you own a town or castle, sometimes you can tell your guard when you talk to him the following: "I want you to arrest this man immediately!" and then he says "Who do you want arrested, sir?" to what you can respond "Ah, never mind my high spirits lads." or "Forget it. I...
  5. Azhael

    Lords switching factions

    As many of you may know, when a faction is eliminated lords switch to other factions after a while. Well, it happened to me that no faction was eliminated and Lord Nelag of Vaegirs suddenly belongs to Kerghits now. I don't recall seeing the message "Lord Nelag switched from Kingdom of Vaegirs...
  6. Azhael

    Lords' equipment

    Is there a way to edit the equipment of lords? I would like to give them better items so they are more challenging
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