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  1. killkhergit

    [BUG(?)] Warband frames repeating, graphics stuck

    Lately, I've been having problems with Warband getting 'stuck on frames'. Just played around today with 0.720 for the first time, and noticed something really weird: The game hangs after every few minutes. Sound and gameplay continues, but new frames aren't being rendered anymore. The last...
  2. killkhergit

    Keeping track of a projectile

    As the title says, is it be possible to read (or write) the position of a fired projectile?
  3. killkhergit

    Handling question_box user input

    Just as the title says. I need to ask the player about something and what happens next should depend on him/her chosing 'yes' or 'no'. It should look something like this: (question_box,"@do something"),     *do this when 'yes'* else     *do this when 'no'* end ...right?
  4. killkhergit

    The LOD mod version 1.4 -Added screenies

    Have been experimenting with shaders or a while, and came up with modification of mb.fx(o), which skips geometry after a certain distance from the camera has been reached. When should I use this mod right now? 1. When you want to improve your framerate. 2. When you're interested in how...
  5. killkhergit

    Get projectile touch-down position

    How can my area damage script get the projectile's touch-down position instead of having to compare player's pos and agent's pos? [(ti_on_weapon_attack,   [(get_player_agent_no, ":player_agent"),     (agent_get_team,":player_team", ":player_agent"),    ...
  6. killkhergit

    Flora Enhancement Mod v1.2

    Flora Enhancement Mod As you can see, this mod's made to enhance the flora in Mount&Blade. The models are made of a trunk, branches, and a combination of three quads positioned on "0,0,0", rotated 45 degrees, and pointing towards x, y and z. A leaf image has been applied to those quads...
  7. killkhergit

    2-sided textures

    First off, the search results. The only usefull thread was this one: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,59240.msg1531596.html#msg1531596 With this bit of text in it: So the guy got it working. But I can't get it working. Too bad. Here's the situation (tree modeling): Viewing the...
  8. killkhergit

    Force objects (or: quads) to always be pointed towards the camera

    As the title says: *The green strokes are all quads with a leaf image applied to them.* How can I force them to all keep facing the camera? Getting that done will give the trees (I'm making a Nature pack) a much fuller look using less triangles.
  9. killkhergit

    OSP Code Combat Area damage script improvement.

    This code gives weapons area damage: [(ti_on_weapon_attack,   [(get_player_agent_no, ":player_agent"),     (agent_get_team,":player_team", ":player_agent"),     (agent_get_position,pos1,":player_agent"),     (try_for_agents,":agent"),       (agent_is_alive,":agent"),      ...
  10. killkhergit

    GooD.exe Threat? / How bad school PC's suck...

    So, lately I've got this 'thing' nestled in my usb drive's RESTORE folder/bin. AVG tells me to heal the thing every time I plug my drive into the laptop. A file called autorun.inf (it's a hidden system-file) tells the thing to execute (). And every time I heal it with AVG 8.0 it just reemerges...
  11. killkhergit

    Get opacity working properly...

    I can't get opacity to work correctly: As you see in the screenshot, the opacity of the leaves/needles isn't working. I tried: - using 'flora_shader' - using all the 'dot3' shaders - making the texture 'really black' (RGB, 0,0,0) Still doesn't work... Anyone know how I can get it working?
  12. killkhergit

    Question regarding triggers, positions, particles and distance

    Here they are: 1. In what format is distance between positions stored? Like meters, centimeters, yards? 2. How can I "get" the position of where a ranged weapons' projectile/thrown weapon hits the ground? 3. How can I make a particle emit from, let's say, "pos1", and that it keeps going like...
  13. killkhergit

    Is it possible to use less bones per skeleton for, let's say, LOD's?

    As the title says... *Removed typo*
  14. killkhergit

    Excluding the player from ":agent" loops.

    How can I prevent the player from also being noted as an "agent" in: (try_for_agents,":agentid"), (code), (try_end),
  15. killkhergit

    Prevent script from firing up in the inventory.

    When I wanted to let my home-made cigarette smoke in MnB, I (dont have the script with me here, syntax will contain some errors) added: [ti_on_init_item [(call_script,"script_peukrook)]], The script will add a position delta, a point light and a particle effect. Every should work, but there's...
  16. killkhergit

    Some simple questions

    As the title says: 1. How can I prevent a merchant from selling his clothes? 2. Can I export the mesh part from a smd, which is already in a .brf, copy the bones and use the new mesh in combination with the copied bones? 3. In a mini-mod I made, some troops got firearms. But, when they're told...
  17. killkhergit

    Lodding script

    As the title suggests here's a lodding script you can use with (gmax)/3dsmax: actionMan.executeAction 0 "40010"  -- File: Import File Weldtest = $.numverts actionMan.executeAction 0 "311"  -- Tools: Zoom Extents All Selected modPanel.addModToSelection (Vertex_Weld ()) ui:on...
  18. killkhergit

    Hold fire (or punch if you'd like)

    Is there a way to store ("key_pressed","left_mouse_button") and let the script be called if a player equips any item, would be a MachineGun, and assign a # of hertz (# per second) rate to that checking. Resulting in a hold fire button? This might sound very stupid...
  19. killkhergit

    Horse bones

    When I tried opening a horse skeleton, the HL-2 .smd plugin for 3dsmax9 told me there were too much bones in it. Pretty obvious, because the plugin was only made for humanoid skel's. But, (how) can I access all bones?
  20. killkhergit

    More than 30 agility possible?

    When I wanted to make a fast trooper for some practicing in modding, I found out that I can't give a troop more than 30 str/agi/cha/int. Because header_troops only counts up till 30 in hex. Can I, without screwing things up, simply count on? Like: agi_3      bignum | 0x00000300 *4-30* agi_31 ...
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