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  1. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    The scene production process is still ongoing. The general system otherwise already works. As such, I wouldn't expect to see the system in the next patch or two.
    Good to see new scenes added. Always a pleasure to explore a new beautiful fief and decide if it's worth to be captured and kept :smile:

    Thank you guys for your work!
    Although I do understand that there are many points and mechanics ingame to be criticized by people who do understand these things far better than I do, I personally enjoy your game and am thankful for both: your dedication as developers to your game, and all the people who still criticize and post bugs and have really good feedback.
    That's the kind of environment, that will make the game eventually very good (although it could sometimes use a little bit of a less salty tone^^)

    I still remember my excitement, when I first learned about mods for Warband and discovered a whole new Mount&Blade-experience. Although we may have to wait for this state to transfer to Bannerlord, I don't have any doubt that it will come. I mean: AWOIAF received an update last year, ten year after warbands launch, Prophesy of Pendor also was updated last year (this gem is already ten years old^^), and I think it's a perfect showcase for the Mount&Blade experience always being a development over the years to come.

    Have a good week :smile:
  2. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.5

    It was nice to read some fleshed out thoughts on this subject, told in polite manner and elaborating the point. I do agree woth AndrewArts view on the death subject, it is a very good feature, makes for good and deep storytelling and immersion. It just needs this little bit of tweaking and balancing.
    A good read to start the day :smile:
    Have a nice day, folks!
  3. 1.4.3 Performance Issues

    Been having the same issues. In my campaign it's always starting when I siege a city (damn Aserai cheating to keep their cities same from my horde).
  4. Development Update #2: Modding Tools and More

    Awesome news.
    Especially this hooked spear mechanic seems really interesting. I never liked this spear bracing thing, because in Warband it would be applied in situations like hitting the infantry from the side and still getting your horse butchered (at least that was my perception of it), so for me it was the first thing to be turned off in mods that enabled it.
    Maybe it should come with some kind of restriction (a damage threshold?) to trigger the dehorsing of the rider, to balance it out?
    Thank you for all the love and passion you put into this game, I've already enjoyed many neat moments in Warband and look forward to add many more in Bannerlord :smile:
  5. Is there a way to ask for a lords location?

    Thanks for the answers, I guess I'll have to settle for the encyclopedia right now :smile:
  6. Is there a way to ask for a lords location?

    In pursuing the main quest, you get this task to speak to ten nobles about Neretzes's folly. And I didn't find any dialogue option (there was one in Warband) to ask for a specific lords location. Is this option simply not present for now or is this info provided otherwise? Really enjoying the...
  7. What happened to Co-op?

    There was this Mod for Warband named "BattleTime", allowing you to host the fights of one's campaign as a multiplayer battle. Others could join then via the online server, and take control of one of the AI agents (a companion or a soldier) to fight alongside the main player.
    This was for the battles only though.

    My guess would be that at some point a system like that will be made as a mod for Bannerlord, since this was a nice mechanic. But there hasn't been an official statement regarding this topic for a long time now.
  8. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 15 - Valuable Relationships

    I'd be interested in the answer to that, too. Been checking the forums at least twice daily the last weeks, but no statement was made as to whether the two promised blogs are still to come or are cancelled already :/
  9. (temp) Dev Blog 14/02/20

    I would much rather have a final pre-EA devblog, for (new) people who want to know what they can expect gameplay wise, price wise, where they can purchase the game etc. All of this info has already been given, but it would be nice to see as much information as possible in the final devblog.
    If I recall correctly, Callum said there there will be a blog covering this exact topic. It was set to be published after the blog about modding.
  10. ich starte prophesy of pendor aber es klappt nicht

    Check mal deine Spracheinstellungen. PoP ist ein englischer Mod, und hat (damals zumindest, 3.6 oder so) keine komplette deutsche Übersetzung. Deshalb benutzt das Spiel dann die Native-Benennungen von Vasallen, Städten etc.
    Mein Problem hat sich gelöst, als ich in den Steam-Einstellungen die Spielsprache auf englisch gewechselt habe. Probier das mal aus.
  11. How can we support TW?

    Greetings! Today in Hawkband, a question arose about where to buy a key for Bannerlord early access. We want to know where the most favorable conditions for selling the game are for you. Steam, egs or your website? Also we would like to know about special editions, soundtrack and other option, that have enabled can us to support you.

    Many of us have grown up on the M&B series, and although much has changed in life, something has remained unchanged - this is the desire to go to Mount & Blade. Where you can refresh the memories of those glorious days, a carefree past and plunge into the medieval atmosphere. We love this series of games and greatly respect your company and its policies. We are grateful for the fact that you did not cut the game into many parts before the sale, did not remove the fractions in dlc and make the game the way it was conceived, and not the one that is limited by the time frame of the greedy publisher. It seems the game is not done for the sake of money, but for the sake of creating a dream game, your vision. Therefore, it is very important for us to support you.
    I’ve already got the money preallocated in my budget for March, and been pondering the same options you did. I too would like to show support for your approach to game design, Warband has been my favorite for long years, and I recon Bannerlord to be the same or even better for years to come.
  12. Dev Blog 20/12/19

    Footbeard said:
    I'm interested as to whether all lords are willing to raid villages. In Warband, it felt very strange when Upstanding/Good-Natured lords would talk about protecting all the smallfolk and then happily pillage, raid and put the innocent to sword.

    Are there lords with traits the make them disinclined to raid any villages or are the only considerations listed in the 'Raid a Settlement'

    I'd second that. Would add more meaning and credibility to these personality traits and make them actually have some imoact on the NPC's behaviour.

    Thanks for the blog, and happy holidays to all of you folks
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