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  1. Mr.Fuzzy


    I searched and could not find and after this post ill look some more but does anyone have a link to all versions above .903? Any assistance would be appreciated.Thanks!
  2. Mr.Fuzzy


    I came across a band of enemies and they had 0 troops.Obvisously a bug but hey i just wanted to post it where everyone would see :D
  3. Mr.Fuzzy

    How can i boost my renown gain using scripting?

    I wanted to know how i could boost my renown gain through scripting OR how i could gain renown the best way.Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Mr.Fuzzy

    How to heal quicker?

    I was wondering how it was possible to heal wounded troops or myself? I realize by staying in cities but im usually on runs into enemy territory with large battalions with and constantly have half or low health.Does anyone have any tips? I am aware that all the medical skills can be used and i...
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