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  1. Maximka

    [ECS4] Suggestions

    Bus stop
  2. Maximka

    [ECS4] Suggestions

    The fact that we have published these events does not mean you are bad or we are good. But rather a factor,proof and etc.
    And i'm sorry for the inconvenience for you and your team way.
  3. Maximka

    [ECS4] Suggestions

    We are ready to play in division B. If you give us a match to move us to the high division, to show we can. If we lose, ok.
  4. Maximka

    [ECS4] Suggestions

    Hello, I want to raise the topic of why we get transferred to division D, and not another team. We are quite worthy and ready to play in the high Group. We can winning or play on equal terms with many who are in other divisions. We don't want to play in division D because it's a waste of time. We tried to agree on a match that we could move us higher, but we didn't get a satisfactory answer.
    against who in
    against who in div D
  5. Maximka

    [NC2019] Playoffs Week

    Well, why not
  6. Maximka

    [NC2019] Playoffs Week

    140-180 no = 30-50
  7. Maximka

    [NC2019] Playoffs Week

    I’m wondering from with times nation cup become an European tourney only. You had 9 years to make a system better for all team from whole world. It’s too late to argue but people who’s gonna host any NC tournaments, do it better for teams who’s far from Europe.
  8. Maximka

    [WNL7] Free Agents

    Name: Max
    Past Teams: hv
    Taleworlds: <---
    Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198092425986/
    Preferred Class: Archer/cav
  9. Maximka

    Native Completed The Champion's Cup $100 Duel Tournament

    In Game Name = Max
    Steam link = https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198092425986/
  10. Maximka

    [NC2018] Servers & Bookings

    Team you are from?: Russia
    Teams involved?: UK2
    NC Match?: yes
    Server Location: Germany
    Date & Time: sunday 20bst
  11. Maximka

    [NC2018] Servers & Bookings

    Team you are from?: Russia
    Teams involved?: Turkey 2
    NC Match?:  Ye. Official match.
    Server Location: Germany
    Date & Time: 20:00 BST Sunday
  12. Maximka

    [W5L] Sign Ups (End. 16/09/18)

    Commander?(yes/no): No
    Novice/Advanced: Advanced
    Past Teams: Heroes,HV
    Nationality: Russian
    Taleworlds: Heroes_Max
    Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198092425986/
    Preferred Class: Any
  13. Maximka

    [Nation's Cup 2018] Announcement & Signups

    CarpeDiem said:
    Guys, just stop arguing with Fietta. He will always respond, most of the time in a silly way, with even more silly ideas. The boy doesn't know **** about NC anything, he's not an admin, just adding more dumb posts to the trashpile this thread become. Nobody will take it seriously.

    Carry on, start playing matches and get BeNe ready, I am pretty sure you'll be accepted as an alliance, just as you were all the previous years.

  14. Maximka

    nc 5v5 pls (i will accept 6v6)

    Apfel said:
    OurGloriousLeader said:
    Next tournament should be Fight & Destroy played through Mynes' client (with consent) and have updated troop stats, Nord Javs nerfed, and Swadian long awlpike nerfed.
    I really think those might be valuable changes, but it wont serve to just post them into each new tournament discussion. Create a concept, talk to modders and get scripters, speak to mynes, host pickups with ur changes and present them to tournament admins or host an own small tourney with them. Thats how they might get implemented imo :wink:

    About the nc, let small countries like belgium, croatia or austria create alliances with eachother, not with big countries like England, Germany, Russia, France & spain and so on. So something like ireland and wales, austria and switzerland & south bavaria to just name a few. :fruity:


    8 vs 8 pls
  15. Maximka

    [BCM] Servers & Booking

    Team you are from?: HV
    Teams involved?: Malta
    BCM Match?: Yes
    Server Location: Germany
    Day, Date & Time: Wednesday 29.08.2018(20 bst)
  16. Maximka

    [BCM] Team Rosters & Substitutions


    we understand
  17. Maximka

    [BCM] Team Rosters & Substitutions

    remove - Sergregor

    add - zAnger(1751063)
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