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  1. Cynicis

    Enable Smoother Camera in Edit Mode

    Hey Folks, I want to make some videos in the edit mode and the smooth camera movement would be very useful. I am sure that there is an option for that because I randomly activate it sometimes... So does someone know the right keys? Thanks in advance :)
  2. Cynicis

    [WB][S] Die Krone von Kalin - Eine Mittelalter-Fantasy Modifikation

    Moin, Moin liebe deutsche Community :) Das ist der deutsche Thread zu meinem Projekt "Die Krone von Kalin" Im englischen Thread gibts zur Zeit noch mehr Content. Ich versuchs nach und nach auch hier einzufügen. Hier gehts zum englischen...
  3. Cynicis

    SP Medieval Fantasy [WB] The Crown of Kalin - A Medieval Fantasy Mod (Video Preview)

    This mod is not dead. I've just noticed that nobody likes to get teased so I stopped posting every little thing I do. When the first public release is done I'm gonna use this thread again. Thanks. The native Mount & Blade factions allways appear kinda pale to me. After some years of playing M&B...
  4. Cynicis


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