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  1. lilwolf9023

    Bug siege: odokh

    Found a bug while sieging odokh. Te siege tower glitched and got stuck on the wall itself.
  2. lilwolf9023

    List of ideas

    Im nearing 200 hours in this game on the singleplayer campaign and through playing ive come up with multiple ideas for the game to enhance its replay value, fixing issues ive encountered or annoyances ive encountered. So ill begin listing them in a full post here, some of you might have seen...
  3. lilwolf9023

    Training Grounds

    The training grounds you start at are kinda useless once you know how to play.. and it seems a waste of a rather interesting area for it to be used once then forgotten. How about we could use it to train troops of teir 1-2-3? would make it easier to get armies to a fighting point but not to an...
  4. lilwolf9023

    Speed based cleave

    Having just started using the cleave mod for bannerlord, it made me contemplate how it could be integrated better, Weapons like glaives, two handed swords, and two handed axes should have either a perk in their skill that allows it or for it to be a base part . the easiest way to do this without...
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