• Please note that we've updated the Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord save file system which requires you to take certain steps in order for your save files to be compatible with e1.7.1 and any later updates. You can find the instructions here.

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  1. MakkeCrash


    Hello everyone! I killed the Sea Raider Party and followed the routing men, they took me to a Sea Raider Landing and I defeated everyone in there...What am I supposed to do now? I thought that something special would happen but nothing happens..I have tried so slaugther some more raiders but the...
  2. MakkeCrash

    Removed several important file while installing mods

    Hello everyone, I think I have removed some important files while installing several mods (The Last Days and Warsword). Is there any repair kits for this? I searched around for a while but I only found complete repair kits for Warband... I need to replace everything (.txt,.brf and so on) to get...
  3. MakkeCrash

    Crash upon loading!

    Hello fellow M&B Players, i have a huge problem with my game! Everytime i load the game it crasher right before the loading screen comes up, and i don't get any kind of error messages either. I have reinstalled the game two times and still have the same problem. Anyone got any ideas of how I'm...
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