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  1. Metalfist

    Full Invasion 1 Server

    Casual Teamspeak Address: The Download Link: http://www.moddb.com/mods/full-invasion/downloads Other Mirrors: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ew1rlppx7c5848m/Full_Invasion.rar                       https://mega.co.nz/#!q19ilIwT!EG6mxJAxMh3VzlLxXpLNsDObHYJstebOvaClZSevCwI...
  2. Metalfist


    This happened a while ago. Read until you spot the odd thing about it. It is a number. I think it had something to do with me being like level 1000 but still... This happen to anyone else? Because the next day I found armies of 4000+ bandits destroying everything including other bandits, lords...
  3. Metalfist

    Company of Heroes: Blitzkrieg mod

    Hey, I have just been introduced to the game Company of Heroes (which was out a long time ago) and its amazing mod called Blitzkrieg (My friends have a TS server up and if you want to come and play with us the TS is ) However some people have been giving it bad feed back, so if any of you guys...
  4. Metalfist

    Men of War Assault Squad

    Hi guys, I'm in love with this game (MOWAS), and I think its really good. I will be hosting a server today (Tuesday) at 4.00pm GMT time. The server will be under Metalfist_166 etc. and the password will be rally ,lower case by the way. It will be combat mode and if there is a good turnout (which...
  5. Metalfist

    Debating Suggestions

    Hi all, To stop people getting Vincenzo annoyed (like me) and to give people a place to discuss suggestions, I think it seems right we should start a thread. I don't like seeing people being banned, I'm trying to stop trolling myself. This is a serious thread, any suggestion to discuss? Feel...
  6. Metalfist

    Ozuru vs Oda (and allies) battle event?

    Since we are at war with the Ozuru, there should be a decisive battle. I think im the only person who would want to fightbut suggestions for when, where (a plains map), timing ect. are welcomed with open arms. Now do the right thing and join the Oda (and allies) in their effort to wipe out the...
  7. Metalfist

    Is this Mod Multiplayer and Singleplayer (before I waste time downloading)?

    I have been so excited when a few mods have come out, they look good but then always dissapoint me by not having a multiplayer or singleplayer. So here is my question: Is this Mod Multiplayer and Singleplayer
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