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  1. Innocent Flower

    TLD (The Last Days, LOTR mod) for M&B 1.011 Info

    So, I had gotten to the point in the game where I'm kicking ass, taking names, and actually contributing a lot to the war effort. I was just shy or rank 8 with Dale, had lots of ranks with other factions, was in the mid-late 20's, and every faction still around was fighting over Rohan. It was awesome.

    Unfortunately, I can no longer continue the save (it crashes when I try to load)

    I was wondering if there was a way to restore the save or if I can 'cheat' and get back my progress somehow.

    (Also, would it be possible to make evil human factions... better?I feel they should be more symmetric in terms of quality. Canonically Rhun was supposed to be beating the good factions in the north, the Umbar are descendents of numenor, and near Harad aught to be more impressive.)

    (also, playing this long as dale, where the game's essentially a shooting gallery: Could shieldsizes fit better with their hitboxes?)
    (also, I can't tell the difference between bottom tier Dunelendings and higher tier dunelendins)
  2. Innocent Flower

    Gekokujo: Bugs and Suggestions

    Maybe in one of the more fantastical versions, but not the base stuff.
  3. Innocent Flower

    Dev Blog 04/04/19

    Horse breeding would be relatively easy to implement.

    You've also got to remember that people in dev teams don't have all the skills, a few might, but most are specialized with perhaps basic knowledge of another field or two . You can't get all the team to do that thing you want (and it'd be counter productive in some spaces, like having three people on the same keyboard). Working on seemingly minor improvements is something that can be done whilst a few people tackle the big things. I for one want horses to be a resource, so I'm happy.  Other than the way reinforcements could work in battles (seriously, make it more natural and intuitive, and give me a chance to skirmish against larger armies or play my retreats. The difference would be profound) and how I don't like how oversized buildings are even within the context of a third person action game , every big sweeping change I've wanted or didn't know that I wanted seems to be in the game.

    Some of those horses look great, some of those horses look bad. The game'll probably look more consistent at release.
    If the Devs could make carts,chariots, , cars,planes, flying horses, birds, giant bats, submarines, helicopters, dragons and space ships possible then that'd be really nice of them...

    Also, you gotta remember that people'll do stuff they're motivated to do better.
    Someone who really loves horses would be super keen in adding that stuff, they'd probably do it for free!
    In contrast, if you had them model medieval european wear when they're not interested in the subject, you're not going to get good results.
  4. Innocent Flower

    Dev Blog 29/03/19

    Dude in the pic

    We getting patterns for our team-coloured clothes? Is this in single player?
    any good cultural patterns lined up?  :fruity:
  5. Innocent Flower

    Dev Blog 21/03/19

    What about wagons?

    (ps: Otherwise, good blog. Interesting)
  6. Innocent Flower

    Dev Blog 14/03/19

    Would these kind of mount-rope stuff be conductive to Flying mount mod where I'm strapped onto the beast and I end up hanging from it after knocked off?
  7. Innocent Flower

    Dev Blog 07/03/19

    LordCanute said:
    they have said it's almost there for years, that is exactly what vaporware does. Stop getting fooled lol.

    It's not like we're paying them to keep going.

    The turkish government tho...
  8. Innocent Flower

    Dev Blog 07/03/19

    Tell me about the crossbow. It's an odd mix of smooth and refined body with a crude looking bow.
  9. Innocent Flower

    Will heavy armor actually be more heavy?

    The lategame for warband is less about needing stronger allies for stronger enemies and more about having superior armies with more money and commanding them better. There's no 'from this point on your sword is useless' because, quite frankly, levies don't all get given Hauberks from the heavens. 

    Armoured troops are a matter of cost; no lord is going to come at you with 200 knights and nothing else, and as the right-honourable gentlemen have pointed out, Swords and bows aren't entirely useless against a person in armour.
    I think I came into a conversation about weapons for some other game, an argument of hammers VS swords, and the conclusion was that your army best have both, as even though the hammers are better against top teir units the swords are more capable of murder en mass. In mount and blade, even when you're  king, you're going to be fighting so much more low teir units than high, that notions of balancing heavy armour by making it slow are utter nonsense.

    (protip; You have multiple slots for weapons. If you want to dedicate yourself to melee, you've got at least three slots for weapons if you want to use a shield. Bring hammers AND swords)
  10. Innocent Flower

    Dev Blog 21/02/19

    Was the picture a gif at some point? It looks confusing.

    Guy A is covered in blood.
    Guy B is almost stabbed in face by Guy C
    Guy A looks like he missed and guy B looks like he hasn't hit yet.

    Armour looks awful in the last picture. I mean, I can roll with the 'this isn't the most up to date version' excuse (even though like, you've shown vids years ago that looks better than this, and probably should've compiled the game together at some point during such a long time between) But like, that armour looks fundamentally off; Butted mail, dirty stained helmets (not talking about the blood) dirty looking neck scarf connecting strangely to the body....

    As for the blood effect, did he try to drill into the enemy with that helmet? 
  11. Innocent Flower

    Will heavy armor actually be more heavy?

    Callum_TaleWorlds said:
    whereisthedevblog said:
    For some reason heavy armor is actually not as restrictive on the body in warband. Its not realistic and needs to be looked at. It slows down your movement, but not by much and you still attack the same speed as if you are wearing light armor. So my suggestion is to make it so when you are wearing heavy armor, you walk slower, you attack slower, and you have decreased stamania (if its in the game). This is so we can actually see light infantry have uses besides just being worser troops. This could make the game even more fun when you have to find a balance between light and heavy units.

    Our primary goal is to make the game enjoyable and fun to play. If that means realism has to take a backseat in cases like this, then it will.

  12. Innocent Flower

    Why nobody likes Sturgia

    Frostic said:
    The sturgians actually shouldn't be compared to Nords nor Vaegirs, they're inspired by the kievan rus, a mixture of Slavic people, and vikings.

    The viking influence was extremely minute and lasted three generations. Politically, they might've been similar to vikings, but in art, dress, food, language,kvass, faith they were Rus both at the top and bottom of society.
  13. Innocent Flower

    Will heavy armor actually be more heavy?

    [quote author=DanAngleland ]

    I wasn't talking of modern helmets, I was talking solely about medieval helmets.

    Torso area is thicker.
  14. Innocent Flower

    Timed events, Game changes and the introduction of new things.

    Re stuff

    A deal of randomization would not be wasted. I also feel varying the years for the start of major invasions would be a good way to screw with players.
    Game in the background all like "welcome to spring 1061, TIME TO ROLL THE WHEEL OF FATE!!!!

    Indeed, i would like to see some events launch from other events. However, more complicated systems are resources spent. I did have an idea where all the lords are secretly playing an rts with development trees and such, but that is way more effort than -thing happens when conditions are met-
  15. Innocent Flower

    Will heavy armor actually be more heavy?

    Nope, although helmets fromnthe 90s and early 2000s look really thick, they are still made of kevlar which is much lighter than steel.

    Limbs protection and helmets go up to what they class as IIIa, which is rated to stop .44 handguns at most, so in a warzone where they expect rifles it's mostly to protect the wearer from explosives. Its very good for what police can expect though (shotguns are bad against armour)

    Military users put armour plates in their vest. These can be thick metal or light ceramics that break on function. III is enough for most, IV is for armour piercing rounds. I think a III vest could be thinner than some helmets, but the density

    'Balistic' armour like kevlar is poor against knives, though im sure the steel plate would get up and laugh at you if you tried to go through one. Modern stab gear is hilariously bad with its own rating system. Modern  Riot gear is terrible against bullets.
  16. Innocent Flower

    Timed events, Game changes and the introduction of new things.

    Bannerlord has faster years and children to take our place. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the world changed too, beyond where the borders were and what's going on with the economy? There are two types of changes I'd like to see A- Stuff that always happens B-Stuff that characters instigate at...
  17. Innocent Flower

    TLD (The Last Days, LOTR mod) for M&B 1.011 Info

    If choosing an option that makes the game easier for you is a cheat, you're all scumbags for not starting as orc snaga.
  18. Innocent Flower

    I'm not asking for religion, but how about the buildings?

    NPC99 said:
    I’m not greatly interested in religious buildings, but I’d like to see Chapter Houses or Fight Schools for knighthood orders, warrior societies, mercenary or assassin’s guilds, and military or Legionary cults. Some might be secret societies with hidden entrances. Others may have restricted memberships, specialised training, skill bonuses, unique recruits etc.
    Such buildings would have a game purpose and offer their own brand of quests. Too late for Bannerlord, but could make an interesting mod or DLC.

    Actually like...
    So you can set up and buy enterprises and you can set up horse breeders and stuff. We know from a gameplay demo that you can also try to control crime in a city. I think installing some of these things aught to be a distinct possibility.  Sure, you probably won't get grand exteriors, but it aught to be good.
  19. Innocent Flower

    I'm not asking for religion, but how about the buildings?

    Terco_Viejo said:
    How you like the subject Innocent Flower (You're passionate about controversy  :lol:)... the subject has already been commented here and here. You even brought up the topic yourself here
    But well... if you want to keep talking about the same subject over and over again, I won't be the one to stop it.  :iamamoron:

    Different topics. I've grown up a little. honest.
  20. Innocent Flower

    Will heavy armor actually be more heavy?

    I'm pretty sure it's an issue of kevlar helmets being inadequate at stopping the penetration of rifle rounds. They work for pistols. 
    Necks are very strong. 

    If you wanted something capable of stopping rifle rounds, you'd need to wear a bowl of 1/4 or 1/2 inch thick steel on your head, which would be extremely bad. However, wearing a 1/4 or 1/2 inch thick steel on your torso is somewhat uncomfortable but not a deal breaker.
    Medieval plate worked with similar logic (torso is thicker, limbs and head are thinner) but they were dealing with lesser threats, and the metal got nowhere near as thick as modern items.
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