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  1. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    Another observation, in SP, when an enemy agent is dismounted, they will happily run past you towards another horse, without realising the danger they are in. Applicable in arena/tournaments and map battles.
  2. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    Can no longer issue orders to troops when enemy routs. So if their formation is held, they stay put and do not give chase.
  3. hide exact army sizes

  4. Rescued prisoners should have temporary cheaper upkeep

    I feel that when you can recruit prisoners from parties that you have defeated, they should be "grateful" for being released, and if they enter your service would not expect a normal wage for some time. I suggest this from the view that prisoners of defeated parties who are able to be recruited...
  5. Recruit mercenaries from encampments outside castles and have gladitorial games to be freed if you are captured

    1. I do not believe there are enough opportunities to recruit mercenaries. Perhaps as an additional utilization to castles, there could be encampments outside where mercs offer their services. These camps do not specifically have to be outside castles but it's just a thought. 2. As an option...
  6. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.0

    You will also get long loading screens when loading various scenes for the first time. They do load, but one was almost a 10 minute wait for me. The devs are looking into an actual fix.
    Thanks for the heads up.
  7. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.0

    This is known issue. Wait 5 min at first culture screen and shaders will eventually compile.
    Thank you. I will try this after verifying game cache.
  8. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.0

    I had a long load in time to main menu; this is fine. What has happened since is crashes on the new campaign, character creation. I can select my culture but after that the player character model isn't visible to view changes made to it. Then any button presses crash the game.
  9. Please fix lords Infinite regeneration issue

    There's no single fix for the problem. One method I'd like to see as part of a multi faceted solution would be defeated lords and even the play being severely wounded when they're downed in battle.

    When the player or any AI lord is "downed" in battle, they should have a high chance of sustaining "severe wounds". Severe wounds would require a set amount of days of rest, say nights rest, and the attention of an AI healer that's only available in castles, before the player or AI lord can take to the field of battle again.

    Great idea!!
  10. Talworlds Updates Are Brutal

    Pottery in Pen Cannoc is making me 60 denars tops a day. And the food levels of the town are 0 with a -13 change. Food level is nerfed because of prosperity but the prosperity of the town is good in my view? So I am baffled. Clay is worth half as much as the finished product and there are three clay villages supplying. This is only day 80 and Pen Cannoc has not been sieged nor has its villages been raided.
  11. Taleworlds, where is the Transparency & Communication? :(

    Actually, I just found a better way. You can follow their profiles. I assume now I will receive notifications if they comment or post something.
  12. Taleworlds, where is the Transparency & Communication? :(

    However almost all can agree that these posts need to be more visible because if you didn't look at that one specific thread + page you don't see that post and thus its value is lost. So something that can improve that visibility can be a great plus.

    Agreed. As a starter for 10, I think a pinned post at the front of the forum should list the profiles of all developers, so that we can quickly snoop on what they are responding to and appreciate their valuable insight!
  13. Taleworlds, where is the Transparency & Communication? :(

    I would suggest looking at the posts that the developers are making. Go to their profiles and look at their message history.

    This one for example, made yesterday, explains a few things that will definitely be in the next patch.
  14. Resolved One of my tradeshop disappeared!?

    Yeah, I had this issue too, but not on the Beta. I had 4 workshops, and the one in Charas disappeared after it was taken by the enemy. However, it disappeared quite some time after...I was still accumulating gold from it for a good in-game month at least.
  15. Lets address these Optimization Issues

    I'm running on:
    GPU: ASUS Strix GeForce® GTX 1070 Ti 8GB
    CPU: Intel Core i7-8700 @3.2GHz
    RAM: 16GB XPG Z1 DDR4 3000MHz
    SSD: Samsung 860 QVO 1TB SSD

    I have to say that from day one I had very little issues with FPS playing on max settings at 1080p. Only really noticeable problem I had was the sieges and for some reason whenever troops AI bugs out. It seems to happen when they're piling up and getting stuck, I'm assuming a pathing problem as lowering the settings had no impact whatsoever (tested A LOT).
    I had a couple of little hiccups at huge battles in the field (700+) but nothing that would make me want to lower the settings right away.

    By all accounts, Smithers945 you should be able to run the game just as good as me on 4k...there has to be something that's causing this to make you downgrade to medium, even though it's 4k. I wonder if those dynamic shadows are killing it as that's what caused a few lag spikes for me in field battles (weirdly not in sieges, those have entirely different problem.) :unsure:

    I am also running beta and I have noticed some improvements actually, especially on the world map, everything also seems to load faster for me.
    Running with around 15 mods at a time.

    Apologies I was mistaken, I'm running on high settings, with battle size set to 1000...sound quality at 128bits and shadows set to static. No mods running for me. When I do get 60fps on the battle map, it is glorious. Reading most of the comments in this forum makes me want to invest in a 1440p monitor.
  16. Mounted bandits are way too fast

    Have you checked that you're not lumbered with loot, herd or prisoners? I can catch steppe bandits fine with a party of 80 Khuzait horse archers.
  17. Lets address these Optimization Issues

    I'm having to run on medium settings to get 60fps at 4k on the beta. The exception to that rule is sieges and oddly some tournament scenes where there are a lot of mounted cavalry.

    My specs are below.
  18. Sound bug - Steppe Plains near Akiser Castle

    Hello - hope this is the right place to give feedback. I was fighting some looters on the plains near Akiser Castle. When I was riding up a hill, I was getting the sound of riding over wood planks, like a bridge, when I was in fact only riding on sand/dirt. I am using a Steppe Warhorse if that...
  19. Suggestion: Missiles that hit shields should weight the bearer down

    As the title dictates, I think that if a shield receives javelins or throwing axes, this should weigh down the user of the shield, correspondent to the weight of each thrown item as it would sit in an inventory. With regards to arrows, I think if there were a certain number embedded into a...
  20. This post will be hated.

    I am a fan. A super fan. I have over 600 hours (logged on steam, more that have not been recorded) with all the mount and blade games.

    That being said, Bannerlord is a disappointment. This game is a mod. This a 7 year old mod. I understand this is Early Access....but this is unacceptable. There have been such minimal improvements (to the core game)... I might as well play warband mods.

    The biggest issue I have though is multiplayer...how can you have a team oriented game with NO ability to contact/guide teammates (minus a general chat that no one cares about). There is NO incentive to work together and 90% of my multiplayer games are people running in all directions doing whatever they want, and not what the team needs.

    This is ridiculous... There has been barely any real development past warband....

    Again, I understand I will be told that I am over-reacting and that "It's in early access, what did you expect?!".....Yeah. I know and understand all of that. But I am sick of being burned by this ****ty industry. The gaming industry doesn't care about the customer. And this is proof. This is releasing the SAME damn thing with minimal "updates"....

    The features of the game will be released bit by bit throughout the Early Access. This allows the developers to test and fix features gradually.

    With regards to your Multiplayer concern, maybe a proximity-based VOIP may be the way forward.
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