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  1. nalmighty

    Edit Mode

    What can you actually do when you have edit mode ticked ?
  2. nalmighty

    Which factionuses guns ?

    i was wondering if the was a faction that had troops that used guns like the imperials in the eagle radiant cross mod thanks for any help in advance :)
  3. nalmighty

    probably already asked

    Will this ever goto Wfas ? as in another post somone put that the  mod would benifit greatly from the AI
  4. nalmighty


    i was wondering : Whats the best merc marksman ? best infantry ? best cavalry ? i mean like the euro troops , polish mercs , from the camps basically thanks
  5. nalmighty


    im trying to edit heros on warband and wfas using morghs editor and when i  edit them i save and load up the game but i see that it hasn't done anything at all to them not even changed there stats or anything so if somone could tell me what im doing wrong i  would appreciate it. thanks
  6. nalmighty

    Hero Editing problem

    When  i edit a hero such a Victor de la buscador with the troop editors ( i have used 2 Different ones ) i change there skills and there items but they dont change in the game they stay with default stats so if somone could steer me clear on how to solve it i would appreaciate it. thanks
  7. nalmighty

    Need a Tutorial for Open .Brf

    would it be possible for somone to write a quick tutorial on how to use this .BRf opener thank. http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=1466
  8. nalmighty

    Weapons Reskins ?

    I was wondering if it was possible to do some reskins of the Guns in the game to look like the ones in a warband american civil war mod along with the sounds to maybe make them a little louder i know its doesn't go with the time line. thanks.
  9. nalmighty

    Wfas Custom Battles

    Hi i was just wondering if theres anyway to get more maps for custom battles ? thanks
  10. nalmighty

    Run time error crash

    hi does anyone know how to solve the runtime error problem i get when im about the enter a battle and some time when i leave one.
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