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  1. HerrStarr

    Unresolved Cannot activate my old warband copy

    Still unable to activate my reguraly purchased game.
  2. HerrStarr

    The (2)95hrs playtime patcher

  3. HerrStarr

    Even more grind to get influence now.

    Seeing you're nerfing every single way to get influence, maybe inspired by Neil Druckman's ideal of fun, how am I supposed to do it correctly?
    All the NPC lords have loads of influence from doing nothing, plus passing edicts that gives everyone -1 influence per day.
    When the player reaches 100 influence, after hours of gameplay, all the other clans have 900 or more.

    Is this supposed to be a fun game or a job? What a grind this game has become.

    Forget the fact that influence yields nothing anyway, since the endgame is incomplete. Or maybe that's the reason. I don't know.

    In the meanwhile, I'll still be waiting for perks to, you know, actually work.

    "But hey, the visuals of bushes have improved with this patch!".

    Jesus christ.
    BTW you're right.

    Also: IT'S MA'AM
  4. HerrStarr

    Unresolved Cannot activate my old warband copy

    Hi, i have a registered key thad won't work, it says cativation denied iven if i tray the secondary method, any solution?
  5. HerrStarr

    I want to buy bannerlord. But not with steam

    1. friends nagging me to join their pvp while I try to enjoy single player
    2. updates of a program that I don't need, I just want to play the game.
    3. extra burden on:
    a) processing power,
    b) bandwith
    4. time it takes to load game (first steam needs to load, then update/check for updates, before the game launbches)
    5. steam requiers internet connection, even despite it being able to run in offline mode, it is not without a hickup
    6. and that extra calculating power costs electricity, therefore it costs money, no matter how small, still it does.

    In my opinion best anti piracy was implemented in Witcher 3.

    I do hope TW will make a steam free version.
  6. HerrStarr

    Good job TaleWorlds

    Sounds like OW sandbox games are not for you, maybe something like star wars battlefront would suit – instance action going from battle to battle.
    Dude, my library it's basically half made by OWS, simply the game in it's current state is empty. Just a grindy skeleton.
  7. HerrStarr

    Good job TaleWorlds

    I don't want to be salty but how many of those hours are actually spent playing?
    I mean, most of the playtime is spent running around aimlessly farming looters and recruiting troops, then autoresolving looters and recruiting troops again and again.
    And once you spent 2-3 IRL hours doing this you have to savescum to not loose a single big battle 'cause, even if you're the lord of two cities and rich AF, you'll need to farm looters, recruit, farm looters.
    Beside this,there's nothing to do in peacetime except grinding troops xp (again) and by midgame you're floating in gold and influence.
    I spent 117hrs in this game but I'm far from satisfied.

    And all of this could be acceptable, because I bought an EA game, if the devs communicated a little more, giving us an even vague roadmap or weekly dev diaries like pdx does.
  8. HerrStarr

    Technical suggestion about the forum itself

    My little suggestion is to implement a "show only dev/staff responses" when we read a thread. I use it a lot on paradox forums and is quite useful when you want to check if a dev answered or clarified something in patchnotes threads or in a particulary hot topic. I don't know where to post...
  9. HerrStarr

    The (2)95hrs playtime patcher

    No,i was waiting for more stuff to be fixed,in the meantime i explored game,started new game sometimes because crashes and sometimes i totally missed something important..Thank God they fixed quests,lot of them were just game breaking..Did they fixed stats like medicine,etc that was no effect whatsoever?
    No features added, and unfortunately I think that the game is basically complete and they will just polish already present features and actually implement placeholders. Do not expect drastical changes.
  10. HerrStarr

    Is this game feature complete?

    all this kind of questions and hundreds of other similar would not exist if developer would tell roadmap or at least simple list "things we like to add" like every other developers
  11. HerrStarr

    The (2)95hrs playtime patcher

    Where i can see which quests are fixed from 1.0.0 version until 1.2.0?I was playing basic game until now and i would like to know whats been fixed and which quests not to take.
    You... You don't PATCH you game everytime you can? :xf-oops:
    AFAIK every quest is fixed in 1.2.1
  12. HerrStarr

    If the devs wanted to make changes to the campaign map, are you ok with that? POLL

    What about leave factions imbalanced and plausible as they are now?
    Honestly we need a bigger map with more fiefs and more fief types.
  13. HerrStarr

    Is this game feature complete?

    If only we had a roadmap.
  14. HerrStarr

    The (2)95hrs playtime patcher

  15. HerrStarr

    Does the AI get instant armies?

    Yes they seem to be coming back a little to fast still.. but in bata i have seen the game is much harder then what is was with the changes they have done and i am all for that. .. i have seen they come back with less than 40% of there size so they can not join an army right away .. and with influence a little harder to keep they could lose alot of that by the time they rebuild ...
    Harder or grinder? No irony here, i'm seriously asking.
  16. HerrStarr

    What do you want? balance or content

    I suspect that balancing means that we will not get new features but they will simply balance and expand already present placeholders. And this sucks.
  17. HerrStarr

    The (2)95hrs playtime patcher

    Ah yes, my brother really loves this game.
    I was waiting for you.
    Have you PATCHED?
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