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  1. Need More Info bug at uqba castle forcing merchants to enter the dungeon

    once i took uqba castle from aresai those guys spawned in once i tried to go to the dungeon https://ibb.co/vzBQzYH those guys are not supposed to be in a castle..
  2. Need More Info cant walk up the stairs in a spesfic place in ortongard

    How to Reproduce:go to ortongard , go to the waterfront thugs Quest/Settlement Name (if related):ortongard Media (Screenshots & Video):https://ibb.co/8MrFR4Z Version:1.0.6 Computer Specs: OS:10 64 bit GPU:rtx 2070 CPU:i7 9750 h RAM:16 gb Motherboard:gx53wgwr Storage Device (HDD/SSD): ssd
  3. bandit camp too op

    some bandit camps which is way stronger than the others with many troops i can take easily , but some camps have thier npcs spawn a lot in a tiny area which is way too powerful , my first 9 tier 5 troops die easily because of that . please fix this or think about it thanks a lot,
  4. Need More Info visual bug at ostican

    Summary:visual bug at ostican How to Reproduce:go to ostican then to the brewer Quest/Settlement Name (if related):ostican Media (Screenshots & Video):https://ibb.co/PZVDvxR Version:1.0.6 Computer Specs: OS:10 64bit GPU:rtx 2070 CPU:i7 9750 h RAM:16 Motherboard:rtx 2070 Storage Device...
  5. Need More Info bugs need to adress

    How to Reproduce:go to that location Quest/Settlement Name (if related):Sanla Media (Screenshots & Video): https://ibb.co/y0jYsnD https://ibb.co/H2bBjBT Version:1.0.6 Computer Specs: OS:10 64bit GPU:RTX 2070 CPU:i7 9750H RAM:16 gb Motherboard:gx531gwr Storage Device (HDD/SSD): ssd in sanla you...
  6. Important fixes needed before release of early access

    Hello guys I've noticed some stuff that may need to be fixed in bannerlord 1-running animation is kinda weird and not realistic at all 2-When asking someone in town for special NPC he start running weirdly for 2 seconds then start to walk to the target . 3-TaleWorlds introduced a nice...
  7. Suggestions for bannerlord

    Hello all here is suggestions i personally would like to happen in bannerlord,if you agree with those suggestions comment something postive about this thread or if you dont like it we can have a friendly chat in the comments and see what is the best solution!😄 Things that i feel it would make...
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