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  1. djogloc02

    Warhammer Universe

    What happened to Warhammer Universe? I know SEGA bought some company and now they are making Total War Warhammer, but I visited a Warhammer wiki link (http://warhammerfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Storm_of_Chaos) and it said that "Storm of Chaos" is no longer canon. Did SEGA decided to reboot it?
  2. djogloc02

    Can't acess certain sites (no, it isn't a problem with adobe flash)

    I can't acess youtube, it shows a window liike this: ALso, note on the tabs something called "dounty", actually it was supposed to be google, but everytime I search anything, it goes to this dounty which is actually Yahoo search, but I have unnistalled it. Some help?
  3. djogloc02

    Best-dressed fantasy Warrior

    There are a thread about it, but the warriors should be historical accurate, now one for fantasy warriors. Darth Vader: Obi-Wan Kenobi: Clone Trooper Phase II Stormtrooper:
  4. djogloc02

    What's that in the sky?

    It's looks like there a building there.
  5. djogloc02

    Searching for a WWII MMO?

    http://www.battlegroundeurope.com/ Sad my PC can't handle it, but it's awesome. All information is in the site, recommend reading "About the game". This game is extremely realistic, not a arcade-style shooter. In this game, campaigns take weeks to end.
  6. djogloc02

    Guerra Franco-prussiana

    Há um mod chamado "Blood and Iron - The Franco Prussian War", "Sangue e ferro". O mod já lançou. Apenas um aviso de um mod que tem novas animações, mudanças nos impactos da artilharia e mais... http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,265239.0.html
  7. djogloc02

    Napoleonic Wars Discussion

    Alert me if there already a thread for that. Ok, the L'Aigle topic was full of historical questions and all, so, I created this topic to you post your questions here. Not just questions, but also historical curiosity about napoleonic era and more...
  8. djogloc02

    Sailing with ship

    There are multiple threads about problems with the ship travel system, so, there aren't a way to change it? You just need to click a party and you can travel by water. I tried, but I teleport to attack a party and the ship can't travel.
  9. djogloc02

    What is the best PC to play?

    Yea, also, I want to know if with that PC (I will buy this pc, I still don't have it) I can run warband with all grapichs in max, and what's the recommended battlesize to play with it. Windows 7 Starter Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz Ram memory: 2 GB Grapich card: Maybe none, I will buy...
  10. djogloc02

    Download stops and files come corrupt.

    Tried more than 6 times and it get's corrupt or the download stops. Some help? EDIT: Found the fix, download by the nexusmod.
  11. djogloc02


    I tried the search bar and do not worked, so, let's go: For some reason, the forrmations no longer work, I remember when I played the 2.1 version it worked, but after some time,I deleted it, I reinstalled after this and the formations don't work more, I order my soldiers to do a square...
  12. djogloc02

    Battle at the Thermopylae

    At the start of the Persian Invasion, there were 300000 persians (or more, none is sure) and Athenas ordered a messenger to call help to Sparta, Sparta answered, but with only 300 soldiers in case of the persian invasion not being true. There were 7000 greeks soldiers and 300 spartans or even...
  13. djogloc02

    Download links

    I can't download the Beta II and III from gamefront.
  14. djogloc02

    Download link

    It doesn't load, I can't download it.
  15. djogloc02

    Ajuda com adobe flash player 11

    Eu notei, que quando baixei o novo adobe, quando fui instalar ele, depois do 7%, o instalador parou e estava escrito: Tempo limite do download. Alguem pode me ajudar a como posso instalaar o novo adobe flash??
  16. djogloc02

    WWII Europe - Please read!!!

    I am very happy to know that WWII China Battlefield SP is resurrected (it was dead). So, I wonder, if you guys can make another SP mod, about the WWII, but in Europe. Of course it's just a suggestion. Maybe it can be in 1944, with USA crontolling Normandy and some other provinces(a very small...
  17. djogloc02

    Mods dead??

    I just want to know if these mods are dead or not. It's so quiet.
  18. djogloc02

    Perfomance Patchs??

    In Brytenwalda thread, there are perfomance patchs to the mod if it isn't run. Why don't we do the same to Imperium Romanum ?? This is a good idea, many people are having crashes and runtime errors.
  19. djogloc02

    Someone help me with factions

    I don't know what faction to choose. I like a faction that use more units with spears, swords, armor and shield. Help??
  20. djogloc02

    Polished Landscape quick question

    Do I  need a good PC to run polished landscapes ??
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