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  1. Blademaster1215

    Undocumented Patchnotes e1.1.2

    Its really nice that they are making changes even if they are not going public with them. I think all of those changes line up with what the community has been asking for.
    No it's ****ing not
  2. Blademaster1215

    Patch Notes e1.1.2 & Beta Hotfix

    Hey guys real talk can you stop making undocumented multiplayer changes? Youve changed the menavlion twice in the last two patches, making it even more overpowered, and you've done unnecessary nerfs to the Sergeant (4 armor reduction), and oathsworn buff that wasn't really needed (43 from 40 armor). You still haven't addressed fixing the knight and removing the javelins and give them the Heavy Lance perk again, and you didn't mention the huge Berserker armor nerf (6 from 15). Not all of these changes are bad (some are. Stop ****ing nerfing Vlandia when the current OP faction is Sturgia!) but you need to TELL US what these changes are and nobody appreciates the undocumented changes.
  3. Blademaster1215

    Can't Retrieve Server List/Invalid Authorization Key

    Having an issue connecting to NA servers and getting the server list from the Internet (I can see servers in my favorites, NA ones are having difficulty connecting, but EU ones seem to be working). The error Invalid Authorization Key pops up repeatedly. What's going on with the servers? It was...
  4. Blademaster1215

    [Archive] Bug Reports/ Crashes [Read OP]

    Bug: I can't play the game.
    Perisno version: 0.6
    Details: Everytime I try to start a new game I get a C++ runtime Error when loading the map, on DX9. When switching to DX7, I can load the map, but the same error occurs during that first bandit attack. Tried Custom Battle on DX9 and I got the Runtime error AND a PostFX error... I don't know what wrong, and yes I have the latest DirectX.
  5. Blademaster1215

    Version 0.611 <RELEASED!>

    And here I was thinking that modders stopped making Warband mods after 1.153! I'm quite excited to try this mod out, though I feel I'll regret not waiting for patch 0.61, but oh well!

    EDIT: Uhhhhh.... I got an error message telling me it requested Runtime to end in an unusual way when I started a new game and loaded the map.  :cry:

    Yeah uh, I can't figure out whats wrong, its a microsoft C++ Runtime Error. I tried running as Admin and that failed too... welp, back to square one.
  6. Blademaster1215

    Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 2 - Painted Plants

    Hey. Huge M&B fan here and smalltime (private use only) modder for the M&B series. As modding was mentioned in this blog, firstly I'd like to thank you very much for giving us modders consideration! Second, I'd like to ask if Taleworlds has put any time into development of QOL tools for mod users and modders (other than the scene editor, which by the way, sounds incredible!)? The largest concern I have, is texture/sound/mesh replacers, and the ability to swap them over between mods. Doing so was a little tricky between modules and the native game, in fact I recall sound files required using Python 2.7 to get them to work (it was confusing at times too :razz:). Will Bannerlords have a different file-structure system than previous M&B games?
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