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  1. armovir2009

    Is this a bug or a feature?

    Bug\feature: I've just mentioned, that my wealthy prisoners (lords) can auto-bargain themselves out of imprisonment. How to Reproduce: Last time I'v captured the "king" from Vlandia and he just presented me 3 towns aoutomaticly whithout my permission and vanished from the party. At that moment...
  2. armovir2009

    [SP mostly m.b. expanded to MP] Forum organiztion and ideas generation increase

    Hello devs, hello forum comrades! Travelling through threads and sections of the board I came up with some thoughts: Support section For now it’s 131 pages containing ~ 20 threads of bugs. Idk if the developers and admins are comfortable in searching new, untreated issues, but I see variety of...
  3. armovir2009

    Resolved [1.0.4] List of perks don't work properly

    Bug Description: Such perks as Mounted Archer, bow expert (activated in both branches either), Merry Men, Disciplinarian don't seem to work or change anything. How To Reproduce The Bug: Tried in 2 new games by different cultures battania and aserai. Reached a required level, activated the perks...
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