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  1. Cracka

    Why are Freelancer Archers garbage ?

    I am currently trying to find some competent Archers to compliment my force, but can't quite tell which soldier is which, though I am slowly learning the names. I fired up Morgh's to get an idea of which mercenaries level into the Archer class, to my surprise (and horror) the top-tier "Expert...
  2. Cracka

    Does a Companions skill get disabled once they are Knocked out ?

    I'm trying to figure out whether my medic's Surgery skill is still in effect for the remainder of a battle once they have been knocked out. Oh cool the April fools Cat's are back, it even matches my topic lol. Silly question or nobody has the data on this ?
  3. Cracka

    Great Mod but there's nobody to fight!

    Was initially blown away by the quality of this mod, it's much better than VC DLC imo, however there doesn't seem to be much going on at the 27 day mark. I got really bored travelling around without finding any armies to fight (even with ctrl+T) there is hardly any armies on the map. The only...
  4. Cracka

    Pirata moving so fast they kill themselves - Glitch ?

    Hi there, I just installed the 0.97-1 beta patch (40mb), and now when i fight Pirates, about 5% of their army moves at the speed of sound, to the point they kill themselves. The rest of the army seems to function normally though. I searched the entire board and bug reports, but there was...
  5. Cracka

    Decent weapon ?

    Hi there, Really enjoying this mod, but it seems that all the weapons are really dull and similar. In most cases there is a tiny disparity between a 500 denar weapon and a 30,000 denar weapon. Is there some kind of pacing script in place that is limiting the weapons available, or is this...
  6. Cracka

    Script error + Other small issue

    Hi there, I have a few small issues with the mod. Hopefully someone can shed some light on them. Characters screen does not show any characters, with the exception of myself and Zelda. (this has been working before though) No response for patrolling my own settlement, but i get responses...
  7. Cracka

    Custom spawn not showing up ?

    Hi there, I'm trying to spawn a hero bandit in native, I believe I've done everything by the book, but when i start a new game, he is nowhere to be found. This is what i have so far, please tell me if something looks out of place.  Troops: Parties: Template: I have a hunch...
  8. Cracka

    How to make a Scene area larger ?

    Hi there, I've been messing about in edit mode, but cannot seem to find a way to increase the actual map size/usable area of the scene. Whats more is i have been reading that you can access any scene while in edit mode, but the only way i have found is to ride to each settlement to access...
  9. Cracka

    Is there an item limit for BRF's ?

    Hi there, Is there a maximum number of items you can put into a BRF ? Also does it put a strain on the game engine if you put lots of items into a single BRF ?
  10. Cracka

    Shader selection for Assorted items ?

    Hi there, I have been importing a lot of items from Warband+mods into Native lately, and although i was able to add new Shaders to a resource file, i still got an error saying "Unable to get technique for shader xxx" I tried searching for what that meant, but i didn't find anything useful...
  11. Cracka

    Missing in txt ? (SOLVED)

    Hi there, Firstly, thank you for this great program! Since i discovered Open-BRF, I've been busy importing all kinds of shiny things into my Native module, and with great success, but after the last batch of items Open-BRF tells me "missing in txt cannot find mesh - refered in...
  12. Cracka

    Turning sieges back to Native ?

    Hi there, I've played a little of this mod and i really adore the CB aspects, trade mechanics and the overall cuteness. Though i could see myself playing this for a long time, it feels a little bare-bone to just have the new settlement contents with no real emphasis or consideration for...
  13. Cracka

    How to mod battle Hud (which files) ?

    Hi there, I've been rummaging around in the module system for 2 days, but still cannot locate the file and data for calling and positioning of a HUD. All I've found so far is the HUD content in the UI-brf's. Can some one throw me a bone here and point me to the file(s) for the actual...
  14. Cracka

    Need help with matching horse mesh with item name please

    Hi there, I've been busy merging EGIII and several other mods together for personal use. Everything is going smooth, except i cannot find a few corresponding items for the Horses. Horse mesh names: white_cross_sable warhorse_sic_rtw warhorse_pop4_rtw2 warhorse_sic_rtw2 warhorse_mill_rtw2...
  15. Cracka

    Ive been missing out all this time.

    Hi there, I have long believed that there were no other mods or projects that come anywhere near the quality of PoP (which i have been playing for years) As such, I didn't even bother looking for other mods, until recently. In truth i didn't think i would enjoy EG3 at all and hesitated...
  16. Cracka

    Cat awareness week ?

    I can't help but notice my Avatar keeps changing into pictures of cute cats. Did i miss something, is it Cat awareness week or is someone hacking the site ? OMG keep that one, that cat looks like a boss!
  17. Cracka

    In need of PoP-2.5 or 3.01 module_mission_templates.py file please

    Would someone from the PoP team be a dear and share the module_mission_templates file, i am trying to get death-cam working for 2.5 but i have no module file to work with. Making changes to a native templates file does not work correctly as you would imagine. I need either the file or the...
  18. Cracka

    Out of the Ordinary - LP

    Hey guys, Since my return to M&B and PoP, i have had an unfulfilled craving for a decent Let's play series to watch and wind down from after a long session of bashing heads in. Most of what you will find in the typical Youtube LP is a repetition of facetious and obnoxious string of jokes...
  19. Cracka

    Help with changing Order troops Equipment

    I am trying to change the armor of the Silvermist rangers to that of the Grey archer with the troop editor, but the changes don't register in-game. If i recall, i used the same method to change the type of sword Valkyrie's use with great success, but that might have been prior to starting this...
  20. Cracka

    Adventurer upgrade paths - Weapon load-out ?

    I am curious to know if the type of Adventurer (Foreign-Northern-Eastern-Southern-Western) dictates their weapon load-out when they achieve Hero Adventurer status. I have checked using the Troop editor, but i can't tell because all the Adventurer classes roll into one universal troop type : Hero...
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