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  1. release date january 2020 on steam

    we are gonna getting it already in january bois :D
  2. no female commanders or add female commanders as an optional.

    I dont want to see historical immersion breaking stuff no more please
  3. isnt the beta supposed to be released today?

    I dont see any posts about it
  4. Feedback about troop tree

    my feedback about troop tree of singleplayer: tier III sturgian brigand has chainmail armor while their equivalents wear gambeson or leather armor. https://pasteboard.co/Iua6lgR.png tier III vlandian infantry does looks like germanic tribe warrior with that chest armor it should be changed...
  5. new version when?

  6. Guards in castles or keeps

    as far as i see there are only tier 1 recruits that guarding in the castles and cities even in the throneroom.This is so disturbing for me.They should remove them and add at least tier 2 or 3.
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