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  1. Demonwolf

    [Help] Costumes_1 is transparent?

    Hey, I just realized something. OpenBRF shows the full texture of costumes_1, yet when I open it it just shows everything as transparent with the exception of two dark spots... Has it always been like this, and is there a way to circumvent it?
  2. Demonwolf

    MP Native [WB] Cloak&Dagger - Alpha Testing has Begun! (Updated 5-12-11)

    Guess who's back, back again. Remember that little mod that was based on AC:B where a player would assassinate another player and hide in the crowd but stopped half-way? Well, guess what. School's over, my computer's fixed, and now, with more skills, more time, and the fact that this mod idea...
  3. Demonwolf

    AAR: The Saga of Kelrathus

    The Saga of Kelrathus A Mount&Blade: Warband AAR (After-Action Report) Well, I got inspired by monnikje aka Floris' AAR. This is about a guy called Kelrathus, the son of a minor noble in Balion. Difficulty: Damage to Player: Normal Damage to Friends: Normal Combat AI: Good Campaign AI: Good...
  4. Demonwolf

    Lords have "left the realm"

    Alright, I've asked this on the Q&A Thread yet no answer. Alright, so I've made some lords and gave them fiefs, yet in game, they show up as "left the realm". Code: Any help?
  5. Demonwolf

    Vassals with siblings?

    Ok, I've already asked in the Q&A Thread and I still need help.
  6. Demonwolf

    [Q] How to script wars?

    Ok so I've been making a mod from Floris, and I just found out that Diplomacy mod (which Floris uses) uses different scripts for wars. So how would you script wars between factions? Thanks, Demonwolf
  7. Demonwolf

    Where is the Faction Leader's Title script?

    Hey guys, it bugged me that although I renamed King Harlaus to Grand Duke Phillipe II, he keeps showing as King Phillipe. So where in thje MS is the script which holds the faction leader titles? Thanks. Also, where do I make it so that a faction is eternally at war with another faction?
  8. Demonwolf

    SP Fantasy [WB] Claymore: Rise of an Empire - UPLOADING ALPHA!!!

    Hey guys, this is my more recent project that I've been working on for quite a while. It's based on my childhood daydreams and fantasies, though most of the story has changed. But the core of the story, a small country/city-state that conquers bigger kingdoms and becomes an Empire, is still...
  9. Demonwolf

    [WB-S] Saladin mod - April Fools! Couldn't you tell lol

    Hey guys, as some of you might know, I lost all my modding work, including stuff for my mod Cloak&Dagger. After reinstalling WB, that got me thinking. I have planned on doing a Saladin mod before, it's just that I never found the time. So now that I am free, I could start work on it...
  10. Demonwolf

    [Question] Speeding up game time?

    Simply put, is it possible to speed up the game time, and how?
  11. Demonwolf

    [MML] The Order of the Mamelukes (INT Clan) Recruitment Thread

    Hey guys. Figured I should make this clan, seeing as there are tons of Crusade Knight clans. The Mamelukes (from Wikipedia): Ranks: Atabek (MML_A) - The commander of the Mamelukes, the one who leads the Mamelukes into battle. There can only be one at a time. Sanjaqi (MML_Sa) - The...
  12. Demonwolf

    SP Tutorial World Map How to make Campaign Maps

    Alright, before I start, I would like to say that this is an updated version of Hulagu Khan's old Thorgrim Map editor. His tutorial has always helped me when I made maps. Also, to show you the effectiveness of it, here's a screenie of one of my past works: First, you need: Thorgrim's Map...
  13. Demonwolf

    [OSP][Map] Maps on request!

    Ok, I don't think this has ever been done, so I'd like to start an OSP where I make maps based on request. This could be a way where I could increase my skills in mapping and also make you modders without maps come back very happy as now you can finally release that mod you have been working on...
  14. Demonwolf

    The Order of the Falcon (OF) - Recruiting

    Calling all Sarranids! Now's your chance to finally show it to those Rhodok and Khergit upstarts! Sign up and we shall defend the motherland together! Ranks: Grand-Master - Me Master Veteran Captain Warrior Soldier Initiate
  15. Demonwolf

    [Question] WB Crouch Animation

    Item issue is solved. Thanks Patta. I found a crouch animation in the WB CommonRes brfs yet no crouching in the game. How would I implement this?
  16. Demonwolf

    A good shader for cloth?

    What would be a good shader for cloth armor and such?
  17. Demonwolf

    Rigging Armour - Solved

    So I was rigging an armour and decided to use the obj2smd exporter made by Manitas. However, I got this error.
  18. Demonwolf

    How do I add new game modes for Multiplayer?

    Title says all. I'm trying to make a mode where you have to kill your target and ONLY your target. If you kill anyone else you lose points. Is there any way to do that? Where would I have to edit?
  19. Demonwolf

    [SOLVED] How do I remove fall damage from the game?

    Title says it all. Where is the script for fall damage? Is it hardcoded? Thanks in advance, Demonwolf
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