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  1. Hybrid_the_Unsane

    Did anyone else want more hair styles?

    This was one of the minor things I was hoping to see more of in the game.  I'm not *****ing or complaining, just curious to know what everyone else thinks as it pertains to this.
  2. Hybrid_the_Unsane

    17 levels in one second...???

    Hi everybody. Yesterday, I was playing as I so love to play, Mount & Blade.  I'm just strolling around the map, headed towards Sargoth I believe, to compete in the next tournament so I could line my man-bag with a healthy injection of coins. Next thing you know...I get a message telling me I'd...
  3. Hybrid_the_Unsane

    Tale of a near-owning

    So, I had just sold my services to the Nords, thinking: Eh, bit o' coin to line me purse...how can I lose? Well, I soon found out. So, here's me!  Riding off to a castle in answer of the call of King Ragnar...I get a message saying that some lord has seen me...Lo and behold...I get within...
  4. Hybrid_the_Unsane

    Random, unexplained, unprovoked lag.

    Okay, first off, Mount & Blade plays great on my machine...for about ten minute. I can be roaming around on the map, meandering around a city or even be in a store and it'll all go haywire.  The FPS goes down to a maximum of 4, the store starts to flash colours and all the text becomes...
  5. Hybrid_the_Unsane

    "PC Display Settings Correct?"

    Okay, I've searched around and have come up with nothing on the forum about my problem, if there is one, I'm sorry, but I tried. Okay, I saved my game in a town, Suno I think, and when it goes to the window that gives me my town options, for instance "enter arena", "visit the tavern", I click...
  6. Hybrid_the_Unsane

    Just another M&B RP

    Ignore this, for some reason, I can't delete it.
  7. Hybrid_the_Unsane

    A roleplay

    Hey guys, I'm Hybrid_the_Unsane.  I want to start a roleplay.  A few reasons I didn't join an exisitng roleplay is that the ones I had an idea about had gone really far and to add myself in at page 40 or whatever would've been hard for me and I just wouldn't feel right adding a character so late...
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