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  1. Lord Milky

    What Faction will you Fight for? [Poll]

    So, when we finally get to play this long awaited title , what side will you serve? Obviously we only have screenshots and some short videos but perhaps some of you have already made a decision? Either way, it's interesting to see what the most popular side will be. Below is 2 maps, ...
  2. Lord Milky

    Nividia blue screen crash

    Hi there, I seem to be getting a blue screen crash upon starting the game. I had this when the game first released. I have just recently started playing again and the same thing happened,  I just created a character and boom , blue screen! I have now just finished updating my drivers and tested...
  3. Lord Milky

    ELEX ( Open world RPG)

    Elex is a handcrafted action role-playing experience from the award-winning creators of the Gothic series, set in a brand new post-apocalyptic science fantasy universe that puts players into a huge, seamless game world full of original characters, mutated creatures, deep moral choices and...
  4. Lord Milky

    Question about looting villages

    Hi there, Does anyone know if there is currently a script that enables the player to manually lead hes/ her troops in a raid to loot and burn a village? There could be a trigger that would spawn a certain number of villagers for you to encounter and maybe something similar to Vikingr where the...
  5. Lord Milky

    Defeated Lord bug

    I just successfully defended Dhirim and then decided to go after the lords who retreated.I noticed one lord had 3 men + 23, so i thought I would pick him off first.The game loads and it says I have 96 troops against his 0?. I then started the battle and a load of red text appears. P.s I have a...
  6. Lord Milky

    Quick patch question

    Experiencing some lag with the smoke so i wish to install the medium quality patch. the problem is where do i exactly paste it?
  7. Lord Milky

    Error message ( Annoying)

    Hi there, I just downloaded this mod and i went straight into a quick battle and managed to get a few kills when all of a sudden the whole screen crashes and i get a message saying , " mount and blade has stopped working". my laptop is top of the range playing crysis and other hi-end games, i...
  8. Lord Milky

    A noob's question

    I am new to the forums and i have just found out about the "more metal sounds" pack. I wanted to ask a quick question about where i save the folder? Is it saved in modules or sounds? sorry for the silly question, i will admit that i am not a big PC gamer. many thanks Archi
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