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  1. In Progress The keep of Lyakis is "a bit" crowded

    The keep of Lyakis is crowded to a point where the nobles are pouring out of the floor(?) and the hallways. If you are not careful upon entering, their initial "expansion" will throw you around the inside walls. In the summary (prior) entering there over 300 "pages" of nobles there, meaning...
  2. In Progress Loading & save times are game breaking

    Both the save game loading and creation times are completely absurd on all of the more recent builds of the game (1.5.9 / 1.6.0 / 1.6.1 / 1.6.2). On average, loading a save game takes around > 103 seconds while saving the game (regardless if auto, or new save) takes more than four minutes. The...
  3. Resolved Confronted enemy parties have wrong leaders (visual)

    Has been happening a lot, in this case with Khuzait. Most of the time the person displayed is incorrect and sometimes even the gender is wrong relative to the name.
  4. Resolved Saves become corrupted after a certain date in game

    Saves become corrupted after a certain date (usually Autumn 8 1175) in game. Loading a save prior this date works fine however, saving the game after this date has elapsed will cause the save to become corrupted (crashes upon loading). This is a game breaking issue and I've reported it weeks...
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